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Next Level Beach Volleyball, from Cincinnati, wants to bring beach opportunities to neighboring states - all part of their mission to grow the game at the youth level.

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We're one week away from the 2017 U.S. Women's National Team Open Tryout in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Learn more about the 245 athletes who will be attending |
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Dustin Watten recently took over our Snapchat account to take us through a day in his life. He's currently playing with his professional team in Poland with fellow American, David Smith. In our first episode of "Snapbacks," Dustin gives some great lessons about mindfulness and show us how he fuels his body for his rigorous training schedule. #athletesabroad
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What is one of the best ways to get better at volleyball? John Kessel has some thoughts.

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The U.S. Women's National Team will hold its annual open tryout March 3-5 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as 244 athletes representing 81 colleges look to catch Karch Kiraly's attention. And fans can watch the tryouts live via video stream. Who will be the next Kim Hill to come out of the tryout?

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Age you became a volleyball fan? "As soon as I started, when I was 13, I became a fan of playing. Then the first time I became a fan of watching it was going to the AVPs when I was in high school, maybe 16 or 17." - April Ross , two-time Olympic medalist.

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Thomas Jaeschke's Polish club tried him at a new position plus updates on U.S. Men playing around the world.

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We want to see what your volleyball life is all about! What do you love about the sport? Why is your team so crazy? What's your favorite part of the volleyball culture? Tag your videos with #myUSAVvideo and each week we'll pick some of our favorites!
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USAV beach athlete Kim DiCello has taken over our Instagram today. Check out our feed for a glimpse of a day in her life as she trains in Southern California. #takeovertuesday

Her trick to avoid crowded beach parking lots? Bike to work!
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Read the article that has people talking. John Kessel says, you are paying for practice, not playing.

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USA Beach High Performance has four Skills Assessment Camps coming up in April and March. Camps are in Florida, California, Texas and Iowa.

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While hundreds of volleyball players compete in overseas pro leagues, thoughts of a domestic pro league in the USA has stirred up positive energy among the players. Get the details along with other team news in the U.S. Women's National Team update.

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Increasing beach volleyball opportunities for juniors in the Midwest seems impossible, but one Ohio club made it their mission to grow the game.

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Attend a USAV Beach High Performance Skills Assessment Camp to get into the USA pipeline. Two events in April have just been added.

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U.S. middle blocker Russell Holmes is working on his French while Matt Anderson decides what he will be doing next winter.

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If you're participating in the BJNC Championships in 2017 you may be eligible to win a Team Travel Source College Bound & Proud Scholarship. Learn more about USAV's official housing partner and their available scholarship awards.

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U.S. Women's Sitting Team was busy this past weekend, taking part in panel session at HP Coaches' Clinic, visiting the USAV office and being part of a sitting volleyball-focused podcast launched this week. The squad recently accepted invitation to play in the ParaVolley World Super 6 in May.

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USA had two teams compete in the men's only FIVB event in Iran, but the new main draw structure saw the U.S. get eliminated early on.

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Karch Kiraly answers fan questions as part of #FIVBAskKarch. He gives his input on best beach venues, his favorite setter to play alongside, coaching advice he would give his younger self as a player, how he stays calm in tense matches, what it is like to train and travel with a women's team and more.

U.S. Women's National Team | [ Link ]


You asked Karch Kiraly your volleyball questions… …and he answered! Don’t forget to watch all the way to the end to see Karch’s tennis doppelganger! Thank yo...

At the 2017 High Performance Coaches' Clinic, Rob Browning lead attendees in a tribute to legendary coach Carl McGown who passed away in December of 2016.