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Tasbiri B.K. started a poultry farming after earning enough income from her vegetable farm in Jajarkot district.
Improving entrepreneurial skills help people like Tasbiri better understand how to invest in their small businesses and generate higher incomes in order to help themselves and their families become more resilient to changes in market and other external factors.
Photo - USAID
Mercy Corps
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National Education Day
Primary grade students from Saptari eagerly read stories out of the supplementary reading material developed by USAID’s Early Grade Reading Program. This program is helping approximately 1 million Nepali children across the country improve their foundational reading skills by providing technical assistance to the Government of Nepal’s National Early Grade Reading...
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In February, USAID international reading expert Dr. Penelope Bender (first from right) visited Nepal to meet with Global Book Alliance senior leadership and observe district roll-out of the National Early Grade Reading Program. During her visit, Dr. Penelope met with donors and civil society partners driving reading reform to reiterate common strategic goals for improved learning outcomes....
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Young Champions of Change
Young Nepalis are paving the way to change attitudes and beliefs about gender-based violence in their communities in Parsa. Trained as “Young Champions,” these young men and women are committed to being agents of social change and advocating against gender-based violence and other harmful traditional practices, such as child marriage and the dowry system in their...
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Ms. Magani Chaudhary (center) became an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities after her citizenship rights training through USAID's Strengthening Political Parties, Electoral, and Legislative Processes project. The project's Kailali District partner, Disability Unity Society, helped her understand her rights and the importance of citizenship registration – a requirement for...
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United for the Elusive Snow Leopards
In late January, Ministers and senior officials of 12 snow leopard range countries met in Kathmandu for the second Steering Committee meeting of the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystems Protection Program. Two important outcomes of the seminar include the Government of Nepal announcing a commitment of 50 million Nepali rupees (about $500,000) for snow leopard...
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In 2014, Ms. Amna Bagwan (right) began working with USAID's Sajhedari Bikaas project in the Muslim community of Indrapur, Banke District. She currently serves as the President of Hanumangadhi,the local women’s group, and is a member of the Ward Citizen Forum, a local self-governance body. As a community leader, Ms. Bagwan leads peaceful rallies; provides divorce counseling; advocates ending...
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For a Healthier Nepal
In January, Nepal’s Ministry of Health organized a two-day national nutrition seminar to review the country’s ongoing nutrition initiatives and develop a roadmap incorporating lessons learned and new evidence-based approaches. The seminar concluded with the endorsement of the Pokhara Nutrition Commitment 2017 by leading national and international nutrition experts,...
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Funding Opportunity - Hamro Samman Project

USAID/Nepal is seeking applications for a Cooperative Agreement from qualified U.S. and Non-U.S. organizations for its program entitled “Hamro Samman. Hamro Samman will build on the successes of USAID/Nepal’s current Combating-Trafficking in Persons project to improve sustainability and further strengthen Nepali institutions to address trafficking....
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RFA-367-17-000001: Hamro Samman | Partnership Opportunities | Nepal | U.S. Agency for International Development
Bahadur Singh Saut and his wife Raju Devi Saut, from Dadheldhura, collect vegetables from more than 150 local farmers to sell locally, as well as to larger regional markets. "KISAN provided the technical assistance to us and other farmers on pest management, tunnel farming, and seeds. So when farmers are able to get that information and use it, I am happy because it ensures I get a good,...
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Each week, USAID’s KathaMaala (Garland of Stories) radio drama show, co-produced by Radio Nepal and BBC Media Action, is providing people affected by the earthquake with practical information as they recover and rebuild. [ Link ] #WorldRadioDay
Request for Information-Nepal Health Systems Strengthening Project
The USAID Mission in Nepal posts this Request For Information to inform of an upcoming health system strengthening project designed to help Nepal in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and to seek information from capable and interested organizations.
For details click on the link below.

Request for Information-Nepal Health Systems Strengthening Project | Partnership Opportunities | Nepal | U.S. Agency for International Development
“Working closely with USAID’s Sajhedari Bikaas project provided us with an opportunity to learn how to incorporate the voices of women and disadvantaged community members equally into our radio programs. Even our own organization now has an inclusive Human Resource policy and is in the process of formulating a gender equality and social inclusion policy.”
Diwakar Pokhrel, Producer/Station...
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Amrita Chand, participating in a 45-day tailoring class in Banke district.
Diverse income supports households to develop and maintain multiple sources of income that collectively reduce its overall exposure to shocks and stresses.

Photo: USAID PAHAL program.
Award Opportunity: Data-driven farming takes center stage! Sourcing new innovations for data-driven agriculture development in Nepal. QUESTION: How can data-driven solutions help farmers and other agriculture market actors produce higher yields and boost Nepal’s food security? Application deadline and details here: [ Link ]
Feed the Future Winrock International International...
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Mina Rana, from Kailali Airport Jhalari, took USAID’s Business Literacy training course because she wanted to learn how to read, write, and calculate math. Before her USAID course, Rana farmed for her daily needs. However, after learning how to farm large fields and becoming involved in the business of buying and selling vegetables, she invested 16,000 Nepalese Rupees (NPR) into her farm and...
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Meet USAID’s #WeThePossible change makers this week. Today, meet Charimaya Tamang, one of the founders of Shakti Samuha, the first organization in Nepal established and run by survivors of trafficking . Read Charimaya’s story of resilience in this "Best of the Democracy, Human Rights & Governance Heroes for 2016" blog: [ Link ]

Best of the Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Heroes for 2016 – 2 0 3 0
Historic Day for Conservation -- Wild Water Buffaloes Translocated to Chitwan National Park: For the first time in Nepal,wild water buffaloes, known locally known as arna, were successfully translocated from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve to Chitwan National Park on January 25th. The buffalo pair -- a female and a male -- are the first of 20 total wild water buffaloes to be translocated, which...
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Today in Nepal, we celebrate Saraswati, Hindu goddess of knowledge. USAID is dedicated to delivering quality education and instilling a love of learning in classrooms across Nepal.
#lifelonglearning #knowledgeispower