One of our favorite stories → Ms. Maha's mission to #LetGirlsLearn:
One of our favorite stories → Ms. Maha's mission to #LetGirlsLearn:
As a girl, Selline saw destruction caused by violence and conflict. Today she's promoting peace in Kenya.

The Peacemaker
Taroni is a rural rice farmer in Bangladesh. Growing up, Taroni’s father often said to him, “Son, rice is our life. Rice is everything.” He wakes up every day and prays for a good yield of rice. And with improved farming skills he learned from Feed the Future, Taroni is now yielding twice the rice from the same piece of land. [ Link ]
Watch how a Malawian farmer and pastor helped his community grow resilient against drought by building an irrigation system in his village of Mitawa, Malawi. We're working to help communities, like the people of Mitawa Village, to break the cycle of drought and become more resilient. [ Link ]
“The olives here and the olives there come from the same soil.” Khaled and Ayala may come from opposite sides of a conflict, but their love for the region’s most beloved fruit has brought them together. Watch the powerful video: “An Olive Peace”. [ Link ]
"Compared to earlier, my income and influence have increased. Now i can make my own decisions and accomplish anything." Ruma is an entrepreneurial mother and community leader from Bangladesh who will go to no end to ensure her family is healthy and well fed. With the money she earns by selling fish, she now can pays for her son's education, food, clothes, healthcare and other expenses.

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“I look around and I see problems,” says Amani Mustafa Abu Tair, “And I just want to solve these problems.” Since she was a child, the Palestinian student has invented her own solutions to transform lives. See how one “big idea” makes a difference. [ Link ]
Tune in tonight for President Obama's Farewell Address to the nation.
Meet Najlae and Rajae Lashqar, two sisters who share a passion for cars and motorbikes. They are studying mechanics--something unheard of among most women in their city of Tetouan. Even in the face of hardship, these sisters continue changing tires and changing minds. [ Link ]
Every day that she goes to work, matters of life and death rest in the capable hands of Palestinian nurse Rula. The 30-year-old nurse works at Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem, nurturing premature babies for months until they reach a healthy weight. The hospital is known as a lifeline for Palestinian women experiencing high-risk pregnancies. In the West Bank and around the world, USAID...
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Usha dreams of a better education for her children. Usha and her husband Karthikeyan work as a team on a USAID-sponsored cashew processing project that not only provides economic opportunities for women, but encourages men to be involved in all aspects of family life. With both incomes, she is able to get closer to that dream. [ Link ]
The only thing that French teacher Hoda would love more than running would be running through a lush green space. But in Lebanon 20 percent of the country’s trees has disappeared in the past half century. Hoda’s home of Baalbek, in the Beqaa Valley, is especially barren. She dreams it could be full of green trees. As part of a USAID-supported reforestation project, Hoda brings the diverse...
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Monjuara is a Bangladeshi mother that wants the best for her children. Provided with new health, agriculture and nutrition practices she learned from USAID, Monjuara can continue to dream of a better life for her family and is paying it forward in her community. In Bangladesh, where more than 60 million people survive on less than $1.25 per day, USAID is arming millions of parents like...
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Just last year we reached 18 million children with vital interventions to improve nutrition. Behind each number is a story: [ Link ]

Sowing Seeds of Resilience, Progress and Dreams – 2 0 3 0
With a little investment of time, training or resources dreams are being realized in every corner of the world. Find out how we’re helping: [ Link ]
They may be oceans apart, but they’re more similar than different.
Dreams are a common thread across the globe. To help hard working people like Monjuara and Wilfred reach their full potential, USAID partners with them to grow more resilient. Experience their common journey.

Happy Holidays from USAID 2016

From our USAID family to yours. Happy Holidays.

One of our favorite stories this year → Meet Ms. Maha, a principal making sure Syrian refugee girls can go to school. #LetGirlsLearn
In commemoration of Human Rights Month 2016, the Broadcasting Board of Governors and USAID are launching the first of the #WeThePossible Campaign podcast series -- featuring changemakers that are driving local reforms.

Check out the stories of Victor Ochen—a human rights advocate from Uganda; Vincent Ncongwane—an advocate for worker rights in Swaziland; Omar Fekeiki—a producer who is...
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3 Human Rights Advocates Bring Justice, Peace & Freedom of Expression to their Communities
As a girl, Selline saw destruction caused by violence and conflict. Today she's promoting peace in Kenya.