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Trigger finger discipline is not only the core of accuracy, it is also the centerpiece of firearms safety. How you operate the trigger on your firearm tells a lot about you. What do your trigger skills say about YOU...?

Read more on the blog, then comment below with your thoughts:

Trigger Finger Discipline: The Core of Safety and Accuracy
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It's just the BEST feeling, isn't it?
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From 1–4, put these guns in order, with #1 being your favorite to carry, and #4 being your 4th favorite:
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Along with five other women, Illinois resident Beth Mandrell takes her personal protection into her own hands by becoming a licensed shooter. Watch the full story here >>

Illinois Grandmother Participates in "Women's Only" Concealed Carry Course
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Sometimes, it's easy to get distracted...
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[WATCH]: In this episode of What Would You Do?, Beth Alcazar discusses what your best options are if you're walking home alone from a party and a truck pulls up next to you...
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The USCCA Concealed Carry Expo is right around the corner...

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USCCA Expo | Register NOW
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Don't forget your firearm when leaving the house...
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“I'm glad I was right there, right next to my pistol to defend myself, because I don't know what would have happened.”

Maine Homeowner Shoots Intruder: "It was a last resort"
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Find out how YOU can become the protector your family needs and deserves. Unlock these 17 steps to carry confidently:

17 Steps To Carry Confidence | FREE Download
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What does YOUR spring cleaning look like...?
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When an armed suspect approaches a man in his car and opens fire at a St. Louis gas station, the victim returns fire, shooting the suspect. Read the full story here >>

Citizen Shoots Armed Robber At Gas Station
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Looking for a new way to train in your own home...?

In this Drill of the Month video, Kevin demonstrates how to use the ATLAS 8 Dry Fire Training system to turn your residence into a dry fire shoot house...
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Under a new proposed bill, private religious schools in Florida could determine whether or not they want to allow concealed weapons.

Find out more about the bill here >>

Florida Religious Schools Could Be Allowed To Have Concealed Guns
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