End of life care! What Qualifies for Hospice?

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Archer CCS Workshop - May 2016

A 42 year old presents with a pain & swelling in the left knee. The symptoms started 3days ago and have been progressively worsening. Upon further questioning, the patient tells you that he has experienced intermittent pain and swelling in the toes, wrists and ankles for more than 10 years. On examination the left knee is swollen and warm to touch. There is also soft tissue swelling of the...
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With just 6 months to live, Michele was motivated by something very powerful - she broke the world record by paddling across the River Ganga to spread Cervical Cancer awareness. Please take 15 mins to watch this video. Support #LADYGANGA movement to eradicate Cervical Cancer. Share this post! Spread the Word!


#LADYGANGA - Upload your "Thank You Lady Ganga" video to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ladygangathemovie When Michele, a 45 year old Mother of ...

This Man on Testosterone!!

38 year old Caucasian man is seen in the office due to decreased libido and energy. His past medical history is significant for testicular cancer diagnosed 1 year ago and was treated with radical orchiectomy of left testicle and chemotherapy. He denies smoking tobacco but admits using Marijuana on a daily basis for the past few months. His family history is...
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Question of the week # 287

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A 48 Year old woman is evaluated in your office for a skin eruption that appeared three days ago. Her past medical history is significant for Rheumatoid arthritis for which she uses Methotrexate. She recently had increasing joint pain and she was placed on ibuprofen which takes about three times daily. Her joint pain is well controlled now. She is now concerned about the skin eruption that...
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Archer USMLE Step 3/ Step 2CK highyield Dermatology

Archer Dermatology USMLE step 3

Approach to Lynch Syndrome Diagnosis
This kid with high fever and those oral lesions. Can you help the mom?

Question of the Week # 476

This lesion on the baby's left cheek???

Question of the Week # 475

Concierge medicine allows doctors to charge a flat monthly fee for services. It’s an idea that finally might be catching on.

The Future of Healthcare Could Be in Concierge Medicine

She is crashing and this is her EKG!!! What Next?

A 38-year old female on birth control pills, has suddenly become extremely short of breath. Someone has seen her collapse and called 911. She was diaphoretic and complained of severe chest pain before she collapsed. She is now in the ER/ED and you have been asked to evaluate her. Her old records show that she is a cocaine abuser and was...
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Approach to Thyroid Nodule

This man noted a change in his skin texture !
A 52 Year old obese man is evaluated in your office during a routine annual visit. He denies any fatigue or recent weight changes. He has normal appetite and physically active. He had a colonoscopy 1 year ago that was normal. On physical examination, he is obese with a BMI of 34. Skin examination reveals the findings shown in the image below...
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