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UTI Mutual Fund
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Did you know that you can start investment in a SIP with just Rs.500? Moreover, you can opt for plans that suit your budget. Ab #paisekojagao mat, #paisekobadhao ! Start an SIP today [ Bit.ly Link ]
UTI Mutual Fund
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An economic moat is a sustainable competitive advantage that allows a company to earn excess returns on capital for a long period of time. Here are five ways to identify economic moats. [ Bit.ly Link ] #FinExperts, take note.
UTI Mutual Fund
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Lack of information and confusing investment options can take a toll on newbie investors. So here’s your quick guide. [ Bit.ly Link ] Refer karna toh #BantaHai
UTI Mutual Fund
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Did you know that you can start investment in a SIP with just Rs.500? Moreover, you can opt for plans that suit your budget. Ab #paisekojagao mat, #paisekobadhao ! Start an SIP today [ Bit.ly Link ]
UTI Mutual Fund
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Here’s a list of some selected funds that will give you a wholesome understanding of what is currently prevalent in the market. Take a look [ Bit.ly Link ]
UTI Mutual Fund
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While mid-caps have yielded good returns, a #FinExpert should always bear in mind the following key points: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Investing in a balanced systematic investment plan (SIP) can help you meet the educational requirements of your child. So why wait? Ismein invest karna toh #BantaHai [ Bit.ly Link ]
Don't put all your eggs in one basket – diversify your resources to make the most of them. Know where to invest in mutual funds here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Stay prepared for contingencies but make sure you invest your hard-earned money well. To know how to go about it, click here [ Bit.ly Link ]
The key to getting good returns on your money is to stay invested. So wake up, before it's too late! Start your investment journey with UTI Mutual Fund.
It is advisable to explore more options for investment and evaluate the return on investment on your hard-earned money. Consider liquid mutual funds. To invest in liquid mutual funds click here [ Bit.ly Link ]
UTI Mastershare Scheme aims at securing your investment by investing the funds of the scheme in equity shares, equity-related instruments and fully convertible bonds/ debentures of companies. Click here to know more [ Bit.ly Link ]
Leaving money idle in your home fetches you no returns. So put your hard-earned money into action – invest today with UTI MF [ Bit.ly Link ]
Similarly, balancing a portfolio with multiple mutual funds is easier than just being dependent on one fund. Here’s how you can do that [ Bit.ly Link ] Learn the art of balancing your portfolio well – be a #FinExpert
It’s important to work out the probable outcomes of every investment you make; after all, it’s your hard-earned money! So here’s a risk analyzer to help you evaluate and take correct decisions. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Isse try karna toh #BantaHai!
UTI Mastershare Fund has outperformed its benchmark indices in the 3, 5 and 10 year timeframes. So, if you’re looking for a stable investment and regular dividend income, then UTI Mastershare is the perfect portfolio pick. Know more [ Bit.ly Link ]
Watch Mr Leo Puri, MD UTI Mutual Fund as he discusses the roadmap it would follow while becoming India’s first mutual fund company that will be listed in the stock exchange. Watch this [ Bit.ly Link ]
You become a #FinExpert when you plan well for all the future requirements of your family. So watch this interesting video from the Swatantra TV Series to learn about various investment options for securing your children’s financial future. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Wondering whether investing in equity funds is right for you? Well, equity funds can actually be really beneficial for retail investors to get an exposure into stocks. Read on to know how [ Bit.ly Link ]
In a recent article, Gaurav Suri, Head of Marketing, UTI Mutual Fund explains how retirement planning has evolved into an organized activity in India. And, for a secured future, you need a balanced today! Read more here [ Bit.ly Link ]