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UTZ Certified
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Soil contains an estimated half of the world’s biodiversity; it absorbs and purifies water and air; and of course, it is the basis of food production on our planet. Healthy soil even contributes to mitigating climate change, by maintaining or increasing its organic carbon content. However, intensive farming methods, soil erosion and deforestation can strip soil of nutrients. That’s why soil...
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UTZ Certified
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The Sustainable Development Goals are the follow up on the Millennium Development Goals. They exist out of 17 clear directives for how to eradicate poverty and tackle climate change. Find out how they speak to the goals we are driving forward at UTZ: [ Goo.gl Link ]
Do you recognize these traditional sweets? Reber has been making their famous Mozart-Kugeln chocolates for over 150 years. With their commitment to source UTZ certified cocoa, they are taking their historic legacy into modern times. [ Goo.gl Link ]
Schweizer Schokolade ist einen Begriff. Der Kaffeehandel ist sehr stark verankert in der Schweiz. Wie sieht es mit der Verbreitung von Nachhaltigkeitssiegel da? Welche Erwartungen haben Konsumenten? [ Utz.org Link ]

Größtes Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm für Kaffee und Kakao in der Schweiz - UTZ.org

“I am in love with my job.”
It’s fantastic when we get to meet farmers who sign up to certification. Turkish hazelnut farmers Orhan and Özer inspired us with their commitment to improving farmworkers’ lives, and their vision for a sustainable future. They love their jobs – and we loved meeting them! [ Goo.gl Link ]
4 sustainability trends to watch out for in 2017 according to our Global Market Director Justin Leavenworth. [ Utz.org Link ]

4 sustainability trends to watch out for in 2017 - UTZ.org

Coffee has become a ubiquitous part of most of our lives. But what do we really know about it? In case you ever wondered deeper, we explain all you need to know about this vital crop; from how it’s grown to the challenges the industry faces. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Everything you need to know about coffee - UTZ.org

Did you know that the UTZ program is the world’s biggest certification program for sustainable cocoa and coffee? What does that really mean? And how do we measure? [ Utz.org Link ]

What is the reach of UTZ? - UTZ.org

Meet the farmer behind your cup of coffee

Maria Aparecida Silva has been sustaining herself and her family with a 5-hectare coffee farm in Brazil for over 65 years. With the help of UTZ, she is finding ways to make her farm more efficient and safeguard against climate change and rising land prices. [ Bit.ly Link ]

The impact carries through generations: how Maria is growing a better life for her family through better farming practices - UTZ.org

When you are looking for a sustainability claim, look out for the 5 universal truths. They need to be 1. Clear, and not misleading. 2. Accurate, and truthful. 3. Relevant, and significant to the product. 4. Transparent, with easy to find information. And 5. Robust, and clear about how it can be used and by whom. [ Utz.org Link ]

What to look out for in a sustainability claim - the five universal truths - UTZ.org

Motivation, inspiration and commitment – highlights of this last hazelnut harvest in Turkey. How are farmers benefiting from certification? And how are social issues been tackled? [ Utz.org Link ]

Harvesting hazelnuts: a 3-day diary - UTZ.org

Meet the farmers behind your sustainable coffee.
Pham Van Hoan is a coffee farmer from the Lam Ha district in Vietnam. He is a father of two and an example to neighboring farmers when it comes to adapting to climate change in his coffee plantations. [ Bit.ly Link ]
We are hiring! Strategic Partnership Expert – Indonesia. Looking for a new colleague with at least 8 years of experience in planning, managing and implementing strategic plans and Lobby & Advocacy projects. Someone who understands the cocoa and coffee sector, and its power relations, in Indonesia. Apply before November 25. [ Utz.org Link ]
Why are we part of ISEAL? Each ISEAL member has a mission to expand good business practices in specific sectors or regions. Each of us works to build demand for sustainable products, measure and improve impacts, and catalyse partnerships for full-scale sector or regional transformation. This is how #MakingARealMark? [ Vimeo.com Link ]

Making a real mark

NEWS: UTZ named best sustainability label for cocoa, coffee and tea.

A new study has named the top 11 sustainability labels in the Netherlands, with UTZ receiving the highest score out of all the labels that cover cocoa, coffee and tea.

“Together with our partners all over the world, we work hard to make sure UTZ is a sign of trust for consumers, so we are very proud to be featured in the...
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“It’s all very well and good to tell a farmer that he must pay his workers more… [but] how can he afford to pay more when the price he receives for his coffee is too low?” Miguel Zamora head of the Americas region at UTZ explains the importance of a living wage. [ Freshcup.com Link ]

Closer to a Living Wage

Meet the farmers behind your sustainable coffee.

“The only way our planet can provide a good future for our children is if the sustainability movement gains scale. Just doing our part isn’t enough – we need to drop seeds of sustainability everywhere, and help create change on a much bigger scale.” Jefferson Adorno, Coffee farmer Brazil. [ Utz.org Link ]
Meet Diomanadé Adama, member of the COOPAGA cooperative. “My father joined the cooperative back in 2002, and he was one of the very first to join the UTZ certification program. He doesn’t have the strength to work anymore, so my brother and I took over the plantation. But he still comes to check on the farm sometimes!”