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The cocoa industry currently faces many social, economic and environmental issues. Cocoa farms are having trouble attracting young workers to the industry due to poor working conditions and low income for farmers. Meanwhile, cocoa productivity is low while demand for cocoa continues to rise. In several countries, this resulted in cocoa farming being linked to deforestation. Rather than...
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UTZ Contributes to – Part 2
BETTER INCOME: Farmers with better crops have better prospects. A higher yield means a bigger income, so farmers can invest in the future of their families, business and their workers.
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“I am motivated to do something for my workers: providing them with warm water, improving toilets, communal areas, upgrading their houses. The premium money is an opportunity for me to give back to the business and better the lives of my people. That feels good to me.” Niklaas Slinger, Rooibos certified farmer. [ Utz.org Link ]

Rooibos: 2 farmers, 6 quick fire questions - UTZ

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UTZ Contributes to – Part 1
BETTER CROP: Farmers in the UTZ program are trained in good agricultural practices. That means they produce more, and achieve better quality at lower costs.
UTZ Requires: Part 4
BETTER CARE FOR NEXT GENERATIONS: Within the UTZ program farmers take steps to ensure that their children and those of their workers grow up in healthy circumstances with access to education. UTZ requirements ban child labor and sessions are held to increase awareness around the importance of education.
“I would be honored if you can share my story, let the people know about my life.” And so we do. Meet James Kojo-Acquah, cocoa farmer in Ghana. [ Utz.org Link ]

“I am happy to be an UTZ farmer!” - UTZ

It’s Valentine’s Day! A perfect excuse to get some nice and sustainable treats for your loved ones (and yourself!).
UTZ Requires: Part 3
BETTER CARE FOR NATURE: Farmers implement agricultural methods that make better use of resources and minimize the use of artificial fertilizers and other harmful practices.
Public Relations Officer Europe wanted! We are looking for a candidate with 5 years of experience, excellent writing skills (native Dutch and near-native English) and an extensive relevant media network. Deadline March 4. More information: [ Bit.ly Link ]
UTZ Requires: Part 2
BETTER WORKING CONDITIONS: Farmers need to create a healthy and safe work environment for all their workers. Solid and respectful working conditions must be upheld and are checked by independent certification bodies.
“What inspires me is going to a cooperative before certification, and then going back after two years. It’s a different story. You see improvements in how farmers manage the environment and production, how they understand the business – there is a big change.” Julius Ng’ang’a UTZ’s East Africa Regional Representative. [ Utz.org Link ]

Julius Ng’ang’a: the man with coffee running through his veins - UTZ

The tea sector serves millions of customers worldwide, and employs hundreds of thousands of workers. But tea producers face a variety of challenges, including the effects of climate change, soil erosion, low incomes and poor working conditions. And that is why we need a more sustainable tea sector!
UTZ Requires: Part 1
BETTER FARMING METHODS: With better and more efficient farming methods that safeguard the environment, farmers get more out of their land, which leads to increased productivity, better crops and a better income for workers.
“Farmers all over the world have to cope with pests and diseases. Imagine working so hard on growing your crops, only to have them wiped out by insects or a fungal disease. For farmers who already struggle to achieve a sustainable livelihood, this can be really devastating, especially as climate change increases the risks of pest outbreaks.” Indira Moreno, Standards & Certification Coordinator...
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Are UTZ farmers allowed to use pesticides? - UTZ

Vacancy! Are you our new Internal Communications Officer? Do you have experience with the development, delivery and evaluation of effective internal communications plans and campaigns? Are you creative, goal oriented and a people person? Support our team around the globe to ensure consistency and alignment on the UTZ message. Apply before February 24. [ Utz.org Link ]
Good news! Studies after studies show that consumers around the world are increasingly conscious of sustainability, and that this drives their behavior. For a growing proportion of consumers, sustainability is even more important than quality. More demand for sustainable products will help more farmers and their families around the world, have better opportunities.
"There is much more craftsmanship and work behind the teabag in your hand than you would expect.” Wouter Verelst, Sales and Marketing & Business Development Manager at Satemwa. Read the story of one of the lasts family-owned tea estates in Malawi. [ Utz.org Link ]

A new market for Malawian tea? - UTZ.org

Hiring! We are looking for a Project Officer in Vietnam. The ideal candidate has 5 years of relevant experience, is creative and thinks out-of-the-box. Strong ability to connect with Vietnamese farmers is key and experience in the coffee sector, a plus. Apply before March 17. More information here: [ Utz.org Link ]
Climate change is high on the agenda. What can practitioners, businesses and donors learn from previews experiences in order to design, implement and evaluate future climate care projects? Trade NGO Twin partnered with UTZ and Solidaridad to compare different projects and define lessons learnt. Coffee Climate Care project, part of the report. [ Twin.org.uk Link ]

Coffee and Climate Change - Moving from Adaptation to Resilience » Twin

Training is key to the success of the UTZ programs. Learn more about the network of professional trainers offering a wide range of courses in +30 countries and 10 languages. Meet the UTZ Academy Online! [ Bit.ly Link ]

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