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V Energy NZ
11/30/2016 at 23:40. Facebook
YES! We grabbed a… mystery sheep? WTF does that mean?!? Any guesses? Catch the sheep now at v.co.nz/prizedive
V Energy NZ
11/28/2016 at 04:00. Facebook
Prizes are being claimed left and right - Congrats to our winners, Kadin and Janelle! Grab a V, take the dive and claim your own at V.co.nz/vprizedive.
Let’s hear it for our girl Nicole Marriott who scored herself a shiny new TomTom Bandit Action Camera. We gave away over $10K worth of epic prizes last week - grab a V and keep diving for more chances to win.
Missed out on tix to the SOLD OUT Bay Dreams festival? Grab a V and take the Prize Dive for your chance to win a double pass.

V Energy NZ

Have fun flashing your new Samsung GS7 Matthew. Check out all the other crazy divers who have won so far at v.co.nz/prizedive
Michael just grabbed that Xbox One S we’ve all been diving for.
Shot mate... Check out all the winners so far at
Which 20k adventure are you diving for this summer? Check out all of the mean prizes of V Prize Dive at
Today’s weather: Sunny with a chance of mean prizes.
V Prize Dive is here! Play the game at
Yep, we threw a longboard, Xbox and a GS7 out of a plane and challenged Josh to dive after them. Have you got your can ready?
Get up to speed with the latest from V by following us on Snapchat. We’re dropping big news on Monday! #venergynz
Okay chocoholics, our new V Iced Chocolate is launching today! Make sure you get out there and give it a try. It’s out of this world delicious! #guarana #chocolate #venergynz
Wake up with a chocolate guarana blast! New V Iced Chocolate, landing soon!
So this just happened. We’re energizing Bay Dreams again for 2017 and they’ve just dropped their epic first line up! Tag your mates and start planning that summer roadie
#baydreams #baydreaming #venergynz
Take one last stand to win in the giant size X-Men Apocalypse giveaway by getting a hold of a V today.

Get in quick!

Have a go at getting your mutant mitts on some legit X-Men merch by grabbing a V in store today.