V Energy NZ
03/24/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Instagram’s Feng Shui is taking a bit of hit with all our spiking. This week it’s the location pin – Mount Tongariro and it's longing for some spikes. Get in there to win this week’s #SpikedV prize and a chance for the Thailand trip – F yes.

Competition ends Wednesday 29th March at 10am. T&Cs apply: [ Bit.ly Link ]
V Energy NZ
03/19/2017 at 21:35. Facebook
Ready to spike Instagram again? This week get out and spike the location pin – Mount Tongariro. Spike the lame as ‘grams of those fitspo posts and be in to win an awesome #SpikedV prize, PLUS a chance to get yourself to Thailand.
Find out more about how to enter here: [ Tinyurl.com Link ]

Competition ends Wednesday 29th March at 10am. T&Cs apply: [ Bit.ly Link ]
V Energy NZ
03/18/2017 at 02:56. Facebook
Burn outs and free V. Where you ask? At The V Energy NZ 4 & Rotary North Island Jamboree 25 -26 March, of course. And even better, we have 10x passes up for grabs – just tell us if you’re going for burn outs or free V for a chance to win.
Competition ends 21st March at 12pm.

Check out the event here: [ Facebook.com Link ]
V Energy NZ
03/17/2017 at 01:33. Facebook
The first hashtag is looking rather rekt thanks to you guys, pretty sure @NZSNOWBUNNY is rather stoked with their prize. Look out for the next thing we’re going to mess with next Monday and get those spiked pics up to be in to win a trip to Thailand – fook yeah.
Right here, right meow, we’re announcing our #EllerslieRaces winning spiker… A lot fluffier than expected but @NZSNOWBUNNY is our winner this week. She’s won a #SpikedV prize, worth $200 – AND an entry in to the draw to win a trip to Thailand. The next shiz to mess with will be up on our page Monday, so keep an eye out to win some more epic stuff.
So we got told we “have” to do something for St Patrick’s Day because we’re green. So, uh yeah – here it is.
Reckon you can do better than these guys? We want to give some stuff away but you’ve gotta get in there and F’up the #EllerslieRaces hashtag. Chuck a photo on Instagram with #EllerslieRaces and #SpikedV to be in to win some dope shheet like a trip to Thailand.
Want to win an absolute banger of a trip to Thailand? Of course you do. To give yourself a shot, get weird, get wild and show us what you’ve got by uploading your Spiked V photo to Instagram using #EllerslieRaces and #SpikedV. Yeeeboi.
It’s going to be a pretty day with ladies, ponies, stupid hats and V Spiked Punch. The first hashtag is #EllerslieRaces so upload a spiked pic to your ‘gram, #EllerslieRaces and #SpikedV, get in the top posts by next Wednesday 5pm and you’re in to win our weekly prize, as well a trip to Thailand. Skkkkrrrrt.

T&Cs apply: [ Bit.ly Link ]
V Spiked Punch has come to F up boring shheet, which we think happens to be Instagram. So, grab a Spiked Punch, check out the hashtag of the week and upload a pic of something to just ruin the BS ‘gram feed – the more V in there the better AND you can also win some epic prizes. Check out the hashtag of the week here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

T&Cs apply: [ Bit.ly Link ]
So yeah, we were never changing V Green, um as if we ever would. We just messed with you and chucked our new V – Spiked Punch in Green cans. It’s around for a fun time not a long time, so get in there and enjoy it.
The days of 8am lectures, ‘legit’ references and all the extra ‘ands’ in your 3,000 word essays are coming. Which V will be holding your hand this first week back in the uni quad?
Sup NZ – we’re old AF and we wanna mix shheet up. So, we have a brand spanking new Green V recipe to trial. Yep, you heard it here first, so who’s keen to be the first to try it?
V’s are green
Blue is blue
Finish this because we don’t know how to.
F yes, it’s a long weekend. Anyone hooning off for a massive roadie?
Ward.05 is back for another year of big bad beats and we have a double pass up for grabs. With the heavy hitter, MORTEN (DIM MAK) headlining, there’ll no doubt be some serious turning up. If you’re keen to get a little sweaty at either the Auckland or Hamilton gig, just tell us who you’d take with you for the chance to win.

MORTEN (Dim Mak) | Ward.05 // Auckland
MORTEN (Dim Mak) | Ward.05 //...
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Want to win a double pass to Ricky Remedy (USA) | Underpass, Jan 26? Thought so – this smooth dude is bringing his signature crisp electronic sounds to NZ and all you’ve gotta do to enter the draw is tell us below what V starts your night right. Simple as.

Competition ends 12pm Tuesday 23rd January 2017.
She’s parked up, ready and waiting for the next driver who thinks they can handle her. Reckon you’ve got what it takes? Here’s your chance to drift, drag and thrash the VBoost beast at V 4 & Rotary, Jan 28-29. Just comment below with a pic of your ride and #Vboostnats to be in to win.
T&Cs apply: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Congrats to all of our lucky divers who have won some epic prizes this summer. See if you hit the jackpot here: [ V.co.nz Link ]