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Van Gogh Museum
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In his student days Van Gogh was often game for a joke. This curious drawing he probably made in the atelier of his teacher Cormon, in Paris. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Van Gogh Museum
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Today is #WorldReligionDay
Up until he was 27 years old, the Christian faith played a major role in Vincent’s life. As the years passed, Van Gogh became increasingly detached from the traditional Christian faith. The church and the bible no longer ruled his life, but religion still continued to play a role – also in his art. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Van Gogh Museum
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#VanGoghStories “No matter what people say; we painters work better in the country, everything there speaks more clearly, everything holds firm, everything explains itself...”
Discover more about Van Gogh’s passion for nature: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Van Gogh Museum
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Unfinished? Daubigny often left parts of paintings unfinished. In so doing, he inspired a new generation of artists, the Impressionists. Taking their cue from Daubigny, they drew less of a distinction between an ‘unfinished’ and a ‘finished’ painting.
Just a bit more than two weeks left to visit the exhibition #Daubigny, Monet and Van Gogh. Don’t miss it! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Jaagpad, Charles...
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Van Gogh Museum
01/12/2017 at 14:52. Facebook
Flowers to brighten up your day! #ArtoftheWeek Small Bottle with Peonies and Blue Delphiniums, Vincent van Gogh (1886). [ Bit.ly Link ]

Instagram photo by Van Gogh Museum • Jan 10, 2017 at 3:46pm UTC

Van Gogh Museum
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#VanGoghFacts This townscape is one of the few ambitious drawings Van Gogh produced in Paris. He mostly worked in oil paint on canvas during his time there, to develop a brighter, more modern palette. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Van Gogh Museum
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In Paris Van Gogh got acquainted with Monticelli’s artworks. He admired the French painter, and in this Self-Portrait he tried to apply his use of color and light effects.
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#ParisianPrints James Pitcairn-Knowles made a very subtle colour woodcut called 'The Bath'. In an earlier trial proof (left) you can see that the use of a darker pigment for the key block produced a considerably harder result. Which one do you prefer?
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Which book inspires you?
Vincent greatly admired the books by Stowe, Dickens and Hugo, and often quoted their work.
#ArtOfTheWeek [ Bit.ly Link ]
“My studio’s quite tolerable, mainly because I’ve pinned a set of Japanese prints on the walls that I find very diverting.” Wrote Vincent to Theo from Antwerp in 1885. He bought his first stack of Japanese woodcuts in Antwerp. Read the full story about his Japanese inspiration at [ Bit.ly Link ]
#VanGoghStories The young Vincent proposed to three women: Caroline Haanebeek in 1872, Eugénie Loyer in 1873 and Kee Vos-Stricker in 1881. All three turned him down. Why? Read the story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Daubigny chose large, non-standard formats for his canvases, which could not be bought ready-made. The ‘double-square’ canvas – with a width twice its height – was especially suited to his sweeping panoramas.
Towards the end of his life, Vincent used precisely the same canvas format for Wheatfield under Thunderclouds (1890). #Daubigny
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#VanGoghFacts Van Gogh claimed that the contrast between city women and the peasant women of Nuenen prompted him to develop new ideas, ‘particularly concerning the flesh colours’. [ Bit.ly Link ]
#VanGoghContemporaries Charles Angrand and Van Gogh met in 1886, Van Gogh admired his work and wanted to exchange a painting with him. [ Bit.ly Link ]
#OnThisDay in 1883 Vincent wrote to Theo “I’ve now done some more sketches in lithographic crayon. It’s almost as nice to work with as paint, and one can get a great strength and depth of black with it”
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Happy #NewYear! Let Vincent van Gogh also inspire you in 2017.

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We would like to take a moment to thank all of you: our millions of fans, followers and the (more than 2 million!) museum visitors for this amazing year!

Photographer: Kenny Nagelkerke
Are you going for a walk too today?
#ArtOfTheWeek View of Het Steen, Vincent van Gogh (1885) [ Bit.ly Link ]
Van Gogh placed the short stripes of paint in different directions. Where they follow the outline of his head, they form a kind of halo. Ever noticed?
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‘There is nothing like working in the nature [ …] where one truly enjoys being. Then the paintings show the effects of one’s inner life and the sweet sensations one feels there.’
Charles-François Daubigny, 1872
#Daubigny [ Bit.ly Link ]