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Le Chat Noir! The icon of French printmaking and the Parisian nightclub that was an absolute hotbed for the avant garde. Now on view in the exhibition ‘Prints in Paris 1900’ ([ Link ] and in our online collection ([ Link ] #PrintsinParis

Poster for the tour of Le Chat Noir (1896), Théophile Alexandre Steinlen.
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'The best for me would certainly be not to remain alone, but I would prefer to remain eternally in a madhouse than to sacrifice another existence to my own. For the trade of painter is sad and bad these days.' Vincent wrote to his brother Theo #OnThisDay in 1889

Garden of the Hospital, Vincent van Gogh (1889)
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They are back! Join us live at the festive unveiling of the stolen paintings. #vangoghreturns
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Van Gogh returns! The stolen paintings are back on view from March 22: [ Link ] #vangoghreturns
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Van Gogh returns! The stolen paintings are back on view from March 22: [ Link ] #vangoghreturns
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It's the first day of spring! Get into the spring mood with Van Gogh's 'Garden with Butterflies'. He painted this in the spring of 1890.
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Like many of his contemporaries, Van Gogh was inspired by the Japanese style of visual representation. Subjects were sometimes shown in close-up in the foreground or cut off abruptly at the edge of the picture.

'Orchards in Blossom, View of Arles' (1889) [ Link ]
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In Paris Van Gogh often carried his field easel and painting materials around with him. In search of interesting subjects. Here he found a spot by the river Seine.

'By the Seine' (1887) [ Link ]
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#OnThisDay in 1862 Charles Laval was born.

Charles Laval was a friend of Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard. Bernard once proposed to Van Gogh that they should all exchange paintings. Van Gogh liked the idea. He did not know Laval, but was curious about his work.

Landscape on Martinique (1887) by Charles Laval: [ Link ]

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Moulin Rouge! The poster that made Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec famous overnight. Now on view in our newest exhibition ‘Prints in Paris 1900’: [ Link ] and in our online collection: [ Link ] #PrintsinParis

Moulin Rouge, La Goulue, (1891) Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
#ArtOfTheWeek 'Head of a Woman', Nuenen (1885), Vincent van Gogh: [ Link ]
In early 1887, Van Gogh experimented with a new technique: 'peinture à l'essence'. In this technique he uses thinned oil paint on an absorbent ground. This creates a matt and translucent effect.

Dish with Citrus Fruit (1887) [ Link ]
Spring is in the air! The white and pink parts are not snow but blossom. These details stand out because the paper turned brown while the watercolour paint kept its colour.

Provençal Orchard (1888) [ Link ]
In Saint-Rémy Van Gogh frequently thought of returning to the Netherlands. In this drawing he merges reality with memories: Dutch houses are placed in the hilly Saint-Rémy landscape.

'Landscape with Houses and Two Diggers' (1890): [ Link ]
Van Gogh took painting lessons for three months at the Paris atelier of Fernand Cormon. He painted this little girl by the academic method.

'Nude Girl, Seated' (1886) [ Link ]
Prints were called ‘frescoes for the masses’, art for everyone to admire. A perfect example is this huge poster by Théophile Steinlen, measuring roughly seven square metres. If you take a look up close you can see the dividing lines. Admire this ‘fresco' at ‘Prints in Paris 1900: From Elite to the Street’ [ Link ] and in our online collection [ Link ]

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Happy International Women's Day!

During his career Vincent depicted women from all walks of life. Like this 'Portrait of a Woman' (1886): [ Link ]
#VanGoghContemporaries Van Gogh greatly valued the painter Pissarro, who was like a mentor to him.

'Route de Versailles, Rocquencourt', Camille Pissarro (1871) [ Link ]
#VanGoghFacts Van Gogh had a mounted kingfisher, which has been preserved and is on view at the museum. Van Gogh did make a couple of changes when he painted it. The tail is slightly longer and the bird has feet. [ Link ]
#ArtOfTheWeek The Langlois Bridge, Vincent van Gogh. Arles (March 1888)
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