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03/22/2017 at 14:51. Facebook
Take your breakfast to new heights with these fun hot air balloon waffles!
Van's Foods
03/20/2017 at 14:52. Facebook
Put a nutritious spin on snack time with cereal-topped apple “cookies”.
Waking up with waffles is the cat’s meow.
All aboard the Breakfast Express!
Grab some Van’s granola and your favorite fruit toppings to whip up this simple Greek Yogurt Bark.
Did you catch us in the 2017 Redbook Magazine Snack Awards? Our Perfect 10 cracker was featured for 'Most Flavor'. Happy snacking, Van's Foodies! [ Link ]
Go bananas for snack time!
Ditch the bread and grab your favorite waffles for this apple & almond butter sandwich!
When the kiddos wake with a bear-sized appetite, we have just the thing!
Give your berry-filled yogurt bowl a tasty crunch with our Blissfully Berry cereal!
For those mornings where it’s too hard to choose between savory and sweet.
Why choose between French toast and waffles when you can have both? Get the recipe: [ Link ]
How sweet it is to share breakfast with you!
Proof that bite-size snacks are the best kind of snacks.
Looking for a new topped & tasty combo? Toss on some goat cheese and blackberries with a drizzle of honey.
Look who popped up to see what’s for breakfast!
Grilled cheese gone bite-size with our mini waffles!
No need for silverware, get hands-on with a waffle sandwich!