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Have you heard friends or family say their cities are among of the worst for allergies? If they live in the South, they may be speaking some truth. [ Link ]
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Myths and facts about eating disorders, from My Southern Health #EatingDisorderAwarenessWeek [ Link ]
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Using apps and other technology can help take care of your ticker. Tips from My Southern Health [ Link ]

Heart Health Apps: Using Tech to Protect Your Heart
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When children's skin gets dry and itchy, there are ways to treat it. Happily, they involve lots of creamy lotion, maybe a mist bottle, and other gentle TLC. My Southern Health offers suggestions from a pediatrician. [ Link ]

How to Heal Your Child's Dry Skin Patches (According to a Pediatrician)
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Sugar-free drinks and foods aren't as good for children's teeth as you'd expect. What to know: [ Link ]

Why Sugar Free Drinks are Not a Healthier Option
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Cancer treatment can be rough on the heart. This "ABCDE" checklist, from My Southern Health, is a simple but thorough guide to conversations patients should have with doctors about heart health during & after cancer treatment. [ Link ]

Simple Steps for Managing Heart Health During Cancer Treatment
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By their mid-60s, men lose bone mass at the same rate as women. Here's what they need to know about risk factors for osteoporosis aside from aging. Facts from My Southern Health. [ Link ]

Osteoporosis in Men: It's Not Just a Woman's Disease
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The 7 best steps for managing heart disease. Tips from My Southern Health [ Link ]

Healthy Heart Tips | My Southern Health
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Colorectal surgeon Dr. Timothy Geiger is a details guy. He loves analyzing existing processes, identifying weaknesses and finding better ways to get things done -- and his patients reap the benefits. [ Link ]

Geiger's focus on the small details serves patients well
Get a tour of our sleep center
Traveling the world can be tricky for the tummy. Here are some tips from My Southern Health for avoiding discomfort during travel to developing countries. [ Link ]

Tips for avoiding traveler's diarrhea while roaming the world | My Southern Health
What happens when an executive gets critically injured in a fall? In Doug Brown's case, he not only recovered but now helps nurture trauma patients who are still in the hospital. Brown "has given hope to people who before felt their situation was truly hopeless.” [ Link ]

Volunteer finds common ground with trauma patients
The flu is no fun. My Southern Health offers reminders on the best ways to avoid it. Following these tips offers another perk, too: Most of them will also help ward off the other germs that are going around (colds, stomach germs and more). [ Link ]

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Sick this Winter
Fertility is not just a woman's issue. Guys, see these 5 things that can reduce male fertility. [ Link ]

Causes of Male Infertility: Is Your Fertility at Risk? | MySouthernHealth
February is American Heart Month. Heart-healthy fats, the connection between cancer treatment and the heart, some salty foods it's best to avoid -- My Southern Health dives into these hearty topics and more: [ Link ]

Heart & Vascular Archives | My Southern Health
Dr. Andre Churchwell has been a pioneer for years. Today his job at Vanderbilt is to "train the unbiased physician" and ensure that our medical staff reflect the diversity of the Middle Tennessee community. [ Link ]

Vanderbilt's chief diversity officer continues to break racial barriers
Most of us know the basics of weight loss. It's keeping the weight off that's often the difficult part. Try these proven ideas for pushing past plateaus. [ Link ]

Diet Plateaus: Overcoming Roadblocks During Weight Loss
If an adult child wants to move back home, it's better for everyone to set rules beforehand. My Southern Health on how to co-habitate with grown children & still have a healthy relationship: [ Link ]

How to Set Expectations for Adult Children Living at Home
When to visit the doctor about vision problems. Tips from My Southern Health for #LowVisionAwarenessMonth #AMDAwarenessMonth [ Link ]

When to See a Doctor About Vision Loss | My Southern Health
There's so much illness going around this time of year, the kids are bound to be home sick sooner or later. Here are 10 ideas from My Southern Health to make the most of that quiet time together, by Jamie Reeves of Blonde Mom Blog. [ Link ]

10 Entertaining Sick Day Activities for Kids | My Southern Health