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It's easy to get cabin fever in mid-winter. How to get the family up and moving -- indoors! From My Southern Health [ Link ]

5 indoor activities to stay active as a family this winter | My Southern Health
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Healthy cooking ideas with Vanderbilt's Chef Claypool. Get the recipes here: [ Link ]
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Jan. 19 is National Popcorn Day! Read these tips from My Southern Health to make your family's treat as healthy as it can. [ Link ]

Popcorn: more than just a movie-theater treat | My Southern Health
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It's Cervical Health Awareness Month! Our cancer center has joined with National Cancer Institute and other NCI-designated centers to encourage vaccines to prevent HPV-related cervical cancers. [ Link ] #HPV #cervicalcancer #cervicalhealthmonth

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center supports national HPV vaccination efforts
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Preschool-age children from low-income families are more likely to be physically active if parents increase their own activity. This study tracked families' activity using wearable movement monitors. [ Link ]

Vanderbilt-led study finds parent's physical activity associated with preschooler activity in underserved populations
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Whether at the dinner table or on the trail, My Southern Health embodies a healthier South, celebrating the region’s focus on family, food and longtime traditions. Find your best Southern Health. Subscribe here: [ Link ]

Healthy living with a Southern sensibility | My Southern Health
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Vanderbilt Vigil Volunteers sit with patients in their last hours of life when there are no family or friends to offer comfort, or at least none nearby. This program is expanding into the Medical Intensive Care Unit. "We believe that continuous presence of others helps patients to be more at peace." [ Link ]

Vigil Volunteers program expanding to Medical ICU
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Yes, it's cold out. And there's no time. And motivation is flagging. My Southern Health on keeping that exercise resolution on track, despite life. [ Link ]

How to Keep Your Exercise Goals on Track
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Non-invasive prenatal screening ("cell-free fetal DNA," or cffDNA, screening) is increasingly popular. It's a blood test analyzing genetic information in the mother’s blood to estimate a baby's risk for common chromosome abnormalities. [ Link ]

Non-invasive prenatal screening's popularity on rise
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Over the course of 30 years, Dr. Ian Jones has witnessed intense, inexplicable and miraculous marvels — both on the frontlines of medicine (in the emergency room) and behind the lens of a camera. [ Link ]

Emergency Medicine's Jones thrives on variety
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Be honest with your child and bring a favorite toy to reduce the tears during a medical appointment. A child life specialist shares more ways to prepare for a visit with the doctor. [ Link ]

5 ways to ease the stress of a medical appointment | My Southern Health
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Diet? Exercise? Sleep? This study identifies the best immediate changes to achieve long-term health benefit. [ Link ]

Diet? Exercise? Sleep? Vanderbilt study identifies best immediate changes for long-term health benefits
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Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve and gradually rob people of their vision. But it can be treated if it's caught early. My Southern Health explains what else to know about #glaucoma. [ Link ]

What to know about glaucoma | My Southern Health
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They're icky, but there are ways to get rid of them. My Southern Health explains how to deal with head lice: [ Link ]

Head lice: myths, facts and treatment | My Southern Health
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Yoga doesn't have to mean twisting arms and legs into a complicated pretzel. These yoga poses from My Southern Health are simple, gentle and help the back (or pain, or mind) feel better, in less time than it takes to say "namaste." [ Link ]

You searched for yoga | My Southern Health
Warm up to winter squash with recipes and a handy squash primer from My Southern Health. [ Link ]

Get the scoop: A guide to winter squash | My Southern Health
It wouldn't be the South without all the great food. But a Southern diet doesn't have to be fattening. Recipes to help trim the waistline while tantalizing the tastebuds, from My Southern Health. [ Link ]

Recipes Archives | My Southern Health
My Southern Health rounds up fun places to walk, run, bike and more -- and healthy places to refuel -- throughout Tennessee. Because travel shouldn't disrupt those New Year's resolutions, right? [ Link ]

Tennessee: Need some help with that New Year's resolution? | My Southern Health
There's so much gear out there for runners. For those just getting started, read advice on My Southern Health from three runners about what's really necessary. [ Link ]

Ready to run? Start with good running shoes | My Southern Health
Constant stuffy nose, persistent nasal drainage and snoring can all be signs that a child is having a problem with the adenoids. Read this My Southern Health story for more on potential issues and how to address them. [ Link ]

Learn the ABCs of adenoids | My Southern Health