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How to keep spring yard work from becoming a backbreaker? From My Southern Health, tips to keeping comfortable while digging in the yard -- and others for all year, to reduce risk of back injury. [ Link ]

Protect your back | My Southern Health
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Last year parents got surprising news about children's peanut allergies-- new recommendations for preventing them. Advice varies according to a child's history of eczema and other factors. My Southern Health explains: [ Link ]

Prevent Peanut Allergies: The New Peanut Allergy Recommendation
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It's National Puppy Day! Ooooh, those puppy eyes are so dang cute. But there are things to consider carefully before adopting a puppy (they apply to older dogs, too). One family's wise advice: [ Link ]

Adopting a new pet: what we learned | My Southern Health
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Southerners are at particular risk for kidney stones. My Southern Health explains how to prevent this painful condition. #NationalKidneyMonth [ Link ]

Kidney Stones: How to Reduce Your Risk
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What to know about crossed eyes in young children: [ Link ]

Crossed Eyes in Kids: When You Should Be Concerned
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We often feel so tired, but our habits can undermine sleep. Here are nine ways to get better zzzzzs, from My Southern Health. [ Link ]

9 Reasons You're Always Tired | My Southern Health
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Medical ICU social worker Stacy Jones is there to help with so many of patients' needs. She's an example of Vanderbilt's most dedicated employees. [ Link ]

Social worker Jones thrives on helping patients, families
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When a young child gets constipated, the fix involves nutrition, patience and quality potty time. My Southern Health on how to coax little ones' systems into movement: [ Link ]

Constipation Relief: Helping Your Child Overcome Obstruction
Poisoning is the top cause of injury death in Tennessee! If there's a possible poisoning, call the TN Poison Center: 1-800-222-1222. Meanwhile, see My Southern Health's tip sheet on preventing poisoning in children: [ Link ] #PoisonPreventionWeek

Poison Prevention Tips: How to Keep Your Child Safe
March is #ColonCancerAwarenessMonth. This is a common cancer, but there are symptoms to watch for to catch it at the "local" stage or earlier. My Southern Health explains: [ Link ]

Signs of Colon Cancer: The Facts You Need to Know
"AFib" refers to a too-fast, too-slow or irregular heartbeat. It's a common condition in the South. My Southern Health explains what to know about AFib: [ Link ]

What is Afib? Symptoms, Causes and Treatment | My Southern Health
Spring has sprung ... and with it comes springtime allergies. ICYMI: Our expert Dr. Cosby Stone joined NewsChannel 5+ 's Nick Beres to talk about how to get relief. [ Link ]

MorningLine: Seasonal Allergies
Children's friendships should blossom organically, free of too much managing from adults. That said, as My Southern Health notes, there are things parents can do to nurture their children's friendships and strengthen them for the long term: [ Link ]

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Make Friendships | My Southern Health
Of course there's green food on St. Patrick's Day. Here are some of My Southern Health's best recipes for naturally green fare -- no artificial food coloring involved. [ Link ]

Healthy Food Favorites for St. Patricks Day
What to know when a child is diagnosed with #scoliosis, from My Southern Health [ Link ]

5 Facts About Scoliosis in Children (Orthopedic Surgeons Provide Information)
Gluten sensitivity, or #celiac disease? My Southern Health explains the difference, and why most of us should still eat gluten: [ Link ]

Gluten Sensitivity or Celiac Disease: How to Know the Difference
Family camping trips can form memories that last a lifetime. A dad shares his ideas for unplugging from the daily schedule and plugging into family time. [ Link ]

Family Camping Trips: 10 Tips You Need Before You Hit the Road
St. Patrick's Day is coming Friday! Plan ahead for some green, healthy fun for the kids with these recipe ideas from My Southern Health. [ Link ]

Fun and Healthy St. Patricks Day Recipes for Kids
VUMC is using telemedicine to remotely connect physicians and patients, providing cost-effective, convenient care when, where and how patients want to receive it. Are you ready to embrace this shift from house calls to mouse calls? [ Link ]
Community is so important. If you are a new mother, reach out to find yours. Here, read about the difference Leisa Hammett's new circle of support made in her life when she became a new mom, and beyond. Via My Southern Health. [ Link ]

Motherhood & The Importance of Community | My Southern Health