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mellow yellow
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I love the soothing calendula petals in my Kiehl's face mask! Want an easy way to infuse nature into your skincare routine? Check out my personal tips and tricks to bring nature into your everyday. [ Link ] #kiehlspartner
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They may not have powers, but they sure have skills!
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Don't forget to tune in tonight! Powerless ❤
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It's the little things ❤ #ValentinesDay #ShowSomeLove
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Happy Valentine's Day, baby bears ❤!
I can't with Beyoncé. She is so overwhelmingly empowering. Her strength and beauty shining as she commands the stage. Making being pregnant even more sacred and magical. #BeyoncéForLife
Feelin' the weekend
Check out my interview about Powerless! Don't forget to tune in tonight!!!

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Behind the Camera: Vanessa Hudgens On NBC's New Comedy 'Powerless'
It's Thursday.... you know what that means! Powerless
#WCW The lovely Ellen! Thank you for having me!
Loved being with my boo yesterday @dickycollins ❤ been fixin' this hair for the past decade
Wiggin out
Ladiesss ❤
Weekend plans? Catch up on the first episode of #Powerless now! [ Link ]

Powerless -
???? celebrating the premier!
Still on set!!!! Tune in tonight! Powerless on NBC!
Still on the set of Powerless! Premiers tonight on NBC at 8:30/7:30c! Tune in!