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Rhubarb. This old wooden pot is falling to pieces but the rhubarb is still doing splendidly. A superb container crop - if you have enough space. (It needs a big container).
Vertical Veg
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Sorrel is fabulous edible in containers. One plant will live for years, but is it best to start again each year? This plant gave me a so many tasty leaves throughout last year - but it's now trying to flower and the leaves are getting a bit tough!
Seed sowing time! If you're wondering what is best to sow this month, here's a guide!

What to do in March
It's time to sow chillies! For this and other jobs in the container garden this month:

What to do in February
Microgreens! Johanne Daoust shows what can be grown in winter with just a few trays. She says: "My partner and I take a bag each of micro-greens for lunch everyday and on the weekends I load up my niece and her family with bags for their lunches."
Crops with a view.... This is Branka Balić's magnificent balcony in Zagreb, Croatia. Brilliant job Branka - and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Herbs you can grow outside and harvest (gently) from pots over winter (in the UK) include: rosemary, bay, parsley, sage, thyme, and myrtle.

Here's some from my container garden - a joy to have fresh herbs like this in mid-winter! Easy to grow, too.

Can you grow herbs in winter where you live? Do you have a favourite winter herb?
It's so easy and low cost to grow your own salad sprouts, one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Here's how: [ Link ]

6 easy steps to sprout heaven
Crops with a view... A while back this page ran a series of images on veg growing with an urban view. This one from Anna Snapiro in Tel Aviv was one of my favourites.

Anymore Crops with Views?
Darja Fiser's chillies on her balcony in winter in Slovenia.
If you want to keep growing your own food this month, you can! Micro salads and salad sprouts are super easy to grow inside.

Here are some tips on all the things you can do this month: [ Link ]

What to do in December
I replaced the fence on my garden wall with vegetables - to create a 'veg wall'. It's a great space to grow food and a point of interest for passers by!

Here it is today - growing salad leaves, kale and chard to give us in greens throughout the winter!
What is biochar? And is it any good for container growing? This new post shares what I've learnt so far.

Many thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts on this a couple of weeks back. If anyone else has had experience using biochar in containers, would love to hear from you.

Biochar and container growing
What's your favourite variety of bush tomato for containers?

I'm going to grow five or six different varieties next year to compare how they do. Looking for ideas on what I should include in my trial.

The one in the picture is cherry cascade - it's one of the best I've grown, perfect for hanging baskets. Tastes good, looks good, and produces lots of fruits.
What would you do with a surplus of chillies?
Great idea...
The simple ideas are often the best. I love this way to make a trellis for climbing beans. Easy to do and looks great.

I spotted this on Curtis Road, Newcastle - congrats on a super job.
Look how many chillies you can grow on one plant!

Here's 163 chillies I just harvested from one plant growing in an 11 litre (2.5 gallon) container. I haven't been counting them the rest of the year but I guess this is roughly half the crop - so over 300 from the one plant in total.

If you've got warmth and sun, this is a brilliant crop for a small space. You can be self sufficient in...
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What to do in the container garden this month - time to sow garlic and broad beans, and get your containers ready for winter: [ Link ]

What to do in November
Biochar.... Be very interested to learn if anyone here has tried biochar in their containers and if you noticed any difference (good or bad!)...??

BTW, if you haven't come across it, biochar is a type of charcoal, formulated to add to soil. It can help support soil life and drainage, lasts many years and also locks up carbon - the theory is great, but how it performs in practise seems to vary...
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