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Vertical Veg
11/30/2016 at 19:46. Facebook
What is biochar? And is it any good for container growing? This new post shares what I've learnt so far.

Many thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts on this a couple of weeks back. If anyone else has had experience using biochar in containers, would love to hear from you.

Biochar and container growing

What's your favourite variety of bush tomato for containers?

I'm going to grow five or six different varieties next year to compare how they do. Looking for ideas on what I should include in my trial.

The one in the picture is cherry cascade - it's one of the best I've grown, perfect for hanging baskets. Tastes good, looks good, and produces lots of fruits.
What would you do with a surplus of chillies?
Great idea...
The simple ideas are often the best. I love this way to make a trellis for climbing beans. Easy to do and looks great.

I spotted this on Curtis Road, Newcastle - congrats on a super job.
Look how many chillies you can grow on one plant!

Here's 163 chillies I just harvested from one plant growing in an 11 litre (2.5 gallon) container. I haven't been counting them the rest of the year but I guess this is roughly half the crop - so over 300 from the one plant in total.

If you've got warmth and sun, this is a brilliant crop for a small space. You can be self sufficient in...
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What to do in the container garden this month - time to sow garlic and broad beans, and get your containers ready for winter: [ Verticalveg.org.uk Link ]

What to do in November

Biochar.... Be very interested to learn if anyone here has tried biochar in their containers and if you noticed any difference (good or bad!)...??

BTW, if you haven't come across it, biochar is a type of charcoal, formulated to add to soil. It can help support soil life and drainage, lasts many years and also locks up carbon - the theory is great, but how it performs in practise seems to vary...
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Inspiring story from Ann in Nottingham, UK:

"Being a keen veg gardener I was upset that my ‘bad back’ was stopping me growing. So, this year I decided to have a serious go at container growing. To say it was my first year taking this way of growing seriously I was very happy with the results. I had grown cherry tomatoes in hanging basket before so they were included in my plan. Leeks grew...
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There is still plenty to do in the container garden in October - harvesting the last (or almost last!) chillies and tomatoes, protecting herbs and salad from cold and wind, and saving seeds. There is even still time to sow fast growing crops like pea and fava bean shoots. [ Verticalveg.org.uk Link ]

What to do in October

If you are struggling to grow food on an exposed balcony, patio or rooftop, this post is for you. I hope it will give you some ideas on how to reduce the wind and minimise its impact. It also lists some of the plants that grow better in windy places - and some that do not! [ Verticalveg.org.uk Link ]

Growing in the wind – three solutions

Now is the time to sow crops for winter - to get them well established before the days shorten and cool. More info here: [ Verticalveg.org.uk Link ]

Winter growing: it’s time to plan and sow

The secret weapon in aphid control! Aphids have been a problem on my aubergine plants this year so very happy to see lots of these hoverflies arrive. Their larvae (which look like small prehistoric blob monsters) are one of the best aphid munchers there is.
Just back from hols to find the container garden expertly cared for - thanks Sara Li and Urska... and for you posts on here. Also big thanks to Johanne Daoust for sharing her amazing rooftop container garden and top tips while I was away. If you missed them, check out the posts below.

Here is my container garden today - a few containers are missing because I'm taking them to a workshop tonight!

Mark said: Go creative with Mint!
And here we are, making some MINT SYRUP :)

Ursula did it with sugar and I tried it with honey – we did three different syrups with different amount of sugar part and different types of mint –


- freshly picked Mint from your garden (a whole bunch or fill up 1 litre jug)
- sugar or honey (we used 500g...
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I was totally unexperienced when I started growing in London on my windy balcony. I never had a chance to see the real potential of growing in containers and how much produce you can actually get. What interests me the most this year is ratio between:


Here is "potatoes example"....
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I would really like to inspire you in the same way this garden inspired me. It's been feeding me for the last three weeks and I can't eat as much as it produces. Even in small pots you can grow wonders!

Garden Sitting for Vertical Veg 2016

Vertical Veg Week with Sara


The most important thing to do when you are garden sitting is to have a daily watering routine. Plants in pots should be watered almost every day or at least every other day.
Make some green tea and spend some time whit them to check how well they’re doing.

Here in Newcastle we get loads of rain so I can be a bit more relaxed with plants that...
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Hello, my name is Sara Li, I’m from Slovenia and this week I’ll be editing Vertical Veg posts. You met me and my balcony garden last year while I was still living in London. Back in April I left that life on the spur of the moment and since then I'm traveling around UK on my bike.
This way of nomadic life is full of surprises and I soon stopped missing my green urban...
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My final installment as "guest editor" is a tale about two tomatoes. Actually it is the same plant. Earlier this year I injured myself when I began to set up my roof top garden. I could move but I was in alot pain. And this is where the tale begins. I have used a particular soil formula on my lower roof for seven years. It was a soil recipe suggested to me by hydroponic growers. Since I garden...
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