Some employers and recruiters may stigmatize job seekers who've been out of work for a while, assuming that something must be wrong with them and that they're not as desirable as employed candidates.
Here's how to level the playing field and overcome the stigma of long-term unemployment:

4 Steps to Overcoming the Stigma of Long-Term Unemployment
The World War One Centennial Commission needs your help finding "lost" WWI memorials!

Nearly one hundred years ago, after WWI, thousands of memorials were erected in honor of those who served and those who gave their lives - but there is no registry and now many are "lost," hidden in communities across the nation.

Memorial Hunters Club - World War I Centennial
Whether the discharge or other correction is the result of PTSD, sexual orientation, sexual assault or some other consideration, the department is committed to rectifying errors or injustices and treating all veterans with dignity and respect.

For help with appealing your discharge status, contact your local VFW Service Officer: [ Link ].

Veterans Journal: Do you think your service discharge needs review?
You’ll be smilin' and stylin', too, when you bundle up from the cold this winter in the VFW Store’s new 3-in-1 coat. Both the inner softshell jacket and the outer shell can be worn separately, or layer them both together to battle the chill in the air. #ShopVFW

VFW Store - 3-in-1 Jacket
"This is a group that welcomes both men and women, young and old to give back to other veterans, to pave their road of a successful homecoming, seeking to make the community a better place for all residents." -Carson Reeher

Thanks to the VFW
The specialty track within the University of Denver Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology doctoral program welcomed its first class of students in the fall.

New psychology specialty trains grad students to work with veterans, families
"There’s a special bond shared between those that serve in the military. ... I just want to pay it forward for all who have sacrificed to allow me to be where I am today.” -Meggan Thomas, veteran’s casework consultant #ForVeterans

Former Army Medic Follows Personal Mission
On January 18, 2017, the VFW hosted a reception in Washington D.C., honoring Medal of Honor recipients. More than three dozen medal recipients turned out for the event.
“It is hard to ask for help to begin with. ... I was taken aback by the support I received.” -David Edger, retired U.S. Marine and VFW Unmet Needs grant recipient

VFW Unmet Needs Grant 'Can Save A Life in More Ways than One'
This change could help the estimated nearly 2,000 troops who received debilitating injuries to their groins or genital regions from 2000 to 2013, and another 300,000-plus who experienced some type of head injury, which can also impact sexual performance or drive.

VA to start offering IVF services to veterans this spring
Last night, the VFW hosted a reception in Washington D.C., honoring Medal of Honor recipients. More than three dozen medal recipients turned out for the event. #ForVeterans
VFW National Commander Brian Duffy (left) presents a crystal eagle to Congressional Medal of Honor Society of the United States of America President Tom Kelley during a VFW-hosted reception for more than three dozen medal recipients who are in Washington for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.
According to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s public affairs office, one of the three female soldiers who started a RASP 2 class, at the end of 2016, was officially selected and earned the right to wear the coveted Ranger scroll and distinctive tan beret at the course’s conclusion in December. That would make the 75th Ranger Regiment the first special operations unit to have a female...
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Exclusive: The 75th Ranger Regiment Is No Longer An All-Male Unit
“No one is above the law and those who break the law must pay the price, regardless of who they are.” -VFW National Commander Brian Duffy

VFW Critical of President's Military Commutations, Pardon
Was there a base you dreaded receiving PCS orders to but, once there, realized it wasn't so bad?

4 Army Bases Everyone Dreads, But Shouldn't |
VFW National Commander Brian Duffy (center), presents a crystal eagle of appreciation to VA Secretary Bob McDonald (left) and Deputy VA Secretary Sloan Gibson, for their outstanding support in helping to transform the VA in the aftermath of the crisis in access to health care.
In an effort to help VFW Posts and Auxiliaries succeed in serving their communities, we established the VFW Foundation Post/VFW Auxiliary Community Support Grant to help fund your local community service projects.

Apply for your grant today!

Post Grants
#TodayinHistory: In 1991, a massive U.S.-led air offensive hit Iraq’s air defenses, moving swiftly on to its communications networks, weapons plants and oil refineries. #PersianGulfWar #OperationDesertStorm
Almost a third of the 58 million medical appointments scheduled by VA in fiscal 2016 were scheduled with doctors working outside the VA system, in private clinics.

VA by the numbers: Has the department made progress?
The review was intended in part to address criticism from combat veterans, historians and lawmakers who believe the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps have failed to appropriately recognize valorous acts throughout the war on terrorism. It has focused primarily on select awards of the Silver Star and the individual Service Crosses, which in the valor awards hierarchy rate second only to...
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The military's massive valor awards review will result in fewer than 100 upgrades