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Did you know that around 52% of pet rabbits will currently have or have recently been infected by the common disease E. cuniculi?

The single-celled parasite, which can very occasionally infect humans too, can cause neurological disease, kidney and eye issues. Be aware, and find out what to do if your rabbit shows signs:

Rabbit Care | E cuniculi in rabbits | Vets Now
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Over the Christmas and New Year period we received a staggering four calls an hour about dogs suffering food poisoning. Christmas may be over, but there are still some common human foods around which could be very harmful for your pet. Check out our list below.

Human Foods That Are Poisonous To Dogs | Dog Care Advice
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Experiencing a pet emergency can be stressful and traumatic. We've put a handy article together explaining what you should expect if you need to visit Vets Now.

What To Expect When You Visit An Out Of Hours Vet
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Got a cat, or thinking about getting one? Make sure you're aware of some of the most common cat-related emergencies that our vets treat the most, and be prepared, just in case.

Cat Emergency | Cat Care Advice
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Did you know that older dogs can sometimes experience symptoms similar to that of dementia in humans? Signs of canine cognitive dysfunction shouldn't be overlooked, as with some appropriate intervention your pet may start to enjoy a better quality of life again.

Find out how to spot the signs and ways to help your pet get the most out of his twilight years.

Dementia in dogs (canine cognitive dysfunction)| Dog Care Advice
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Happy #BloomingMonday everyone! Here at Vets Now head office we dressed in bold and bright colours, and enjoyed a tasty afternoon tea in aid of Mental Health Research UK, brightening up Blue Monday - apparently the most depressing day of the year.

What brightens up your day? If it's giving your pets a cuddle, make sure to give them an extra squeeze for us today.
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Remember, we're open when your regular vets practice is shut at the weekend, over night and on bank holidays. Find your nearest Vets Now here:

Find An Emergency Vet | Out Of Hours Vet Care in the UK
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When lovely Charlie here arrived at Rossendale Responsible Rescue Center in Lancashire with a badly broken leg on December 23rd, it was obvious he needed immediate veterinary care. Thankfully, Vets Now Orthopedic Referral Surgeon, Paul Aldridge, based at our 24/7 Manchester hospital, was able to operate on Charlie's nasty fracture.

Paul says, "Charlie's fracture required a metal plate and...
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With reports of snow and freezing conditions causing chaos across much of the country, stay safe out there! Take precautions, and remember, it's also worthwhile considering the best ways to keep your pets safe during the cold snap.

In particular, during winter we see many emergency cases of antifreeze poisoning in cats which can be fatal. Find out more below:

Antifreeze Poisoning In Cats | What To Do If Your Cat Has Been Poisoned By Antifreeze
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Do you have an older cat? As our feline friends age, their needs change and they need a little extra looking after. Check out our top tips for taking care of an older cat.

Looking After An Older Cat | Cat Care Advice
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Have you made a resolution to lose weight this January? Many of us make the decision to start the year by getting fit and healthy after indulging over Christmas, but have you considered it might be time to also take a look at your cat's weight?

Excessive weight in cats can cause a host of health issues, but it's not always immediately obvious they may be overweight, as ideal weights for each...
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How do I know if my cat is overweight? | Cat Care Advice
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Remember, Vets Now has 53 emergency and critical care clinics across the country, open out-of-hours when your regular vets is shut. Find your nearest clinic and save the details, just in case.

Find An Emergency Vet | Out Of Hours Vet Care in the UK
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Over the Christmas season our contact center took calls from worried pet owners on a range of emergency issues, including dogs who had eaten chocolate, cats who had fallen off Christmas trees, accidents involving decorations, toys, packaging, alcohol and even bin bags.

Would you know what to do in a pet emergency? Find your nearest emergency vet here and save the details, just in case.

Find An Emergency Vet | Out Of Hours Vet Care in the UK
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It's your last chance to enter our competition to win one of 250 flashing dog tags to keep your pet safe and seen during these dark winter nights. Competition closes tomorrow!

Keep your dog bright at night
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Did you get a selection box or two this Christmas? Make sure to keep its contents away from furry friends as chocolate can be highly toxic to dogs. Find out more in our helpful article.

My dog has eaten chocolate, what should I do?
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Many of the emergencies we see are caused by road traffic accidents, and it’s particularly common in the winter months. These are more likely to happen during the hours of darkness and often younger cats are the victims. Given at least 75% of cats spend some of their life outside, it’s perhaps no surprise that an estimated 630 are run over on Britain’s roads every day.

Find out how to keep...
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Outdoor cats and traffic: how to keep your pet safe in winter
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Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great time bringing in the bells last night. Christmas and Hogmanay may be over now, but there are still lots of seasonal hazards around for dogs which could result in a trip to the emergency vets. Have you seen our helpful infographic? Check it out and be prepared, just in case.

21 Christmas staples you shouldn’t let your dog near
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However you're celebrating the New Year tonight, we hope you have a fabulous time! Remember though, loud fireworks are common on Hogmanay and can be distressing for pets, so please keep them safe and comfortable indoors. Did you know that Vets Now are calling for the use of silent fireworks as standard? Find out more here:

Emergency vets call for use of silent fireworks this New Year
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Christmas may be over and we're approaching the new year, but there are still many seasonal hazards out there that could be very dangerous for your cat. Have you seen our helpful infographic? Check it out.

21 Festive staples you shouldn’t let your cat near