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Relive the night that brought the #TranceFamily together for one legend. Watch Aly & Fila’s set here [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Challenge…accepted? Drop those names!
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From hearing “Welcome to my house” open every EPIC radio episode to hearing it open his set last February, Eric Prydz’s performance was an exhilarating experience for every Indian dance music fan who was there.
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Initiating finger gun launch process in 3…2..1..
Weekend, here we come.✨
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This could be you, if you win the #SSNative Contest on our Twitter page today ✌
Find us on Twitter here - [ Twitter.com Link ] and join us at 6PM!
Contest TnC: [ Bit.ly Link ]
With Native Shoes India
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#Throwback to when Boris Brejcha turned #SonicRealm into his kingdom and lay the sickest tunes that kept us grooving. Watch his set here [ Bit.ly Link ]
What's your go-to track to drive those blues away?
From making it to every headliner’s set to grooving by the 10,000 Lions Soundsystem day in and day out, what made your Vh1 Supersonic experience memorable?
The most colourful time of the year is here
Happy Holi from the #Supercrew ⚡⚡
You know you're going to have a good time when the console transforms into a different realm ✨
Hands down, one of the best moments during Macklemore's performance.
Those two lucky chosen ones were the envy of the night!
Watch the live-stream here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lost Stories going full power with the drop in 3...2..1..
#Throwback to the friendliest lot of people you'd ever meet at a festival.
No other fam like the #Superfam.
Here's to all the women weaving their magic on the console
Happy Women's Day from the #Supercrew ✨
Here's to the biggest supporter of the Vh1 Supersonic fam!
The smiles are only going to get wider from here on Gionee India ;)
Known more for his high-tech minimal music and less for what he revealed to us. Watch Boris Brejcha get candid with us in this rapid fire session backstage
A night like this can't be forgotten so easily.
When you witness Eric Prydz on the console, it's hard to pick a memory to trump this.✨
Here's to the night we witnessed the bold rebel in Macklemore come out in his full glory.
If perfect moments exist, Joris Voorn at the Awakenings stage was probably it.
#Throwback to when the #TranceFamily gathered under the stars to witness magic unfold right before their eyes.
The night was alive with the vibe of Aly & Fila's music✨