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The first entry in our new photo column exploring the personal archives of veteran photographer Jill Freedman Photography.

Classic Photos of a Legendary Old-School New York Nightlife Spot
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"It's comforting knowing when I die that it's because I am literally just a random collection of bacteria and no one cares."

The Types of People Who Are Most Likely to Embrace Death
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What is a smartgun, and why doesn't the gun lobby want people to have the option of buying one?

Full video on MOTHERBOARD: [ Link ]
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"I lost eight years of my youth stuck in bed with horrible migraines."

How Diet Soda Ruined My 20s
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Please read before yelling in the comments.

Thank you and have a nice day.

I Ejaculated Into My Phone to Find Out if I Could Still Have Babies
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"'This is what it's going to be like for the rest of your life,' they told me. That really hit home. But I took it as a challenge."

I Have a Computer Chip in My Brain That Reads My Thoughts
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"I do whatever I can to help people. It's why I'm here on earth."

Life Along Mexico’s Infamous Rail Tracks Where Migrants Hop Freights into the US
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"It’s brown-gold—no one wants to touch it, so the money is better."

Professional Poo Diver
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"Every session with the game provides fun enough that the Actual Story Stuff has taken a backseat since, I guess, hour ten."

How I Learned to Love the DIY Map in 'Breath of the Wild'
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It turns out the Oscar-winning actor has been thinking a lot about fish.

We Interviewed Nicolas Cage Using Only Nicolas Cage Movie Quotes
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Where in the country can you find the best drugs? How pure is the average wrap of pub coke? And more.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the UK Drugs Scene
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Walking around Rio's Vila Mimosa, you are confronted with a never-ending parade of vermin, bums, drugs, thongs, bugs, breasts, dogs, men and women.

Photos of People in Brazil's Most Notorious Red Light District
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One really good reason to never again do a bump after a few pints.

This Is Why It's a Terrible Idea to Combine Coke and Alcohol
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I'm probably chatting to your boyfriend right now.

What It's Like to Be Transgender on Tinder
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Dalston is dead, so where's the party going next?

We Went On a Quest to Find the New 'Cool' Part of London
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His latest trip—with stops in Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa—cost just £4.50.

A Travel Hacker Explains How to Fly Around the World for Free
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There is simply no benefit to being a short person at a gig.

Hey Tall People – Stand at the Back So We Can See!