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Britney is still being punished for what we did to her.

Britney Spears Is Still Trapped By the Stigma of Her Breakdown
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Which of last night’s memes will stand the test of time?

The Best Memes From Last Night's Oscars
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"Sexual authenticity is a state of being - being you without social conditioning, without shame, without regret."

How to Do Sex Magic, According to Shamanic Sex Coaches
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This year we're going to see lots more politicians and pundits who want to "Make England Great Again".

Coming to Terms with 'the New Englishness'
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"I told the date I had to go home and record the finale of The OC."

People Tell Us the Most Absurd Excuses They’ve Used to Bail on Shitty Dates
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Imagine having a hard-on for an entire day. Well, now you don't need to.

A Nice Chat with the Guy Who Invented a Device That Gives You 12-Hour Erections
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"I felt sincerely happy for him. I felt relieved."

What It Feels Like When Your Boyfriend Comes Out as Gay
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Physicists have made a new phase of matter called a time crystal—but what does that even mean?

OK, WTF Is a Time Crystal?
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The black gay coming-of-age #Oscar winner is a major moment for both African American and LGBT cinema.

'Moonlight' is This Year's Best Picture
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"I am a straight black man from Miami with one film (Medicine for Melancholy) behind him that had a budget of $2,000, can this be my second film? Is this a bad career move?" - Director Barry Jenkins, who won the #Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay

Barry Jenkins on 'Moonlight,' Black Identity and Homosexuality
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How was Viola Davis's win for best supporting actress in #Fences her first #Oscar win?
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"OJ: Made in America" wins the #Oscar for Best Documentary Feature -- read why we think it was the best documentary of last year: [ Link ]

Why 'OJ: Made in America' Is the Best Documentary You'll See This Year
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Mahershala Ali of Moonlight is taking home an Academy Award tonight for Best Supporting Actor. #Oscars [ Link ]
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The Academy is essentially the NRA of movies. #Oscars

The Shady, Anti-Communist Origins of the Oscars
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"Something that pompous and over-the-top as the #Oscars is just begging to be ripped apart!"

The Founder of the Razzies Explains What the Academy Awards Are Getting Wrong
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Sure, La La Land will probably win everything tonight, but here's a look at how our Alternate Universe #Oscars would go down.

We Chose Our Dream Oscar Winners