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We are ONE.
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Fate whispers to the Warrior, "You cannot withstand the storm."

The Warrior replies, "I am the storm."
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Have a great Sunday!
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It doesn't matter what you wear. We are ONE. #MartialArts
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Friday afternoon poolside BBQ lunch at ONE, plus a workout led by the legend Rich Franklin (of course he would). #BestJobInTheWorld
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We are ONE.
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Want to look like a perfectly sculpted Greek god? ONE World Champ Eduard "The Landslide" Folayang tells you how.

Fighting Fit: Eduard Folayang’s Top 3 Ways To Stay In Shape
And just when you were looking for ONE more reason to go to Bangkok....
‪The time when Minister for Youth & Sport #Malaysia @Khairykj landed another #KO. As always, thanks for the huge support. #ONEChampionship #MMA ‬Tune Talk
"I want to be the best fighter in the world. I train to succeed against any opponent I face. It doesn't matter who they are or when they’ll come. There’s no second place for me. I fight to be the best."
Great feature in today's Malaysian Sunday Times. Congratulations on Malaysia's clean sweep. Thanks to our great Presenting Partner Tune Talk!
ONE Shareholder is about to see his collection grow. #BackInTheRing. Manny Pacquiao Top Rank Manny Pacquiao Fan Page
Thank you to our AMAZING FANS in MALAYSIA! And congratulations on a clean sweep to capture 6 wins for the nation.

Crowds were insane!!
I love being part of the CSR programs OneChampionship coordinates. A few of our athletes, employees and myself visit an orphanage, school or medical facility in the local community and spend time with the kids.

When I started talking to the students at SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, Petaling Jaya, I began wondering if the words I was saying were really making a difference. I was talking about life,...
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After party outside the stadium with CEO of @Tunetalk Jason Lo on the turntables!
It's like a crazy party outside the stadium!