Victoria Sport
03/25/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
View from the top. [ Link ]
Victoria Sport
03/23/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
SoCal exposure: where sun salutations start before you even hit the mat. [ Link ]
Bringing sexy back (sorry, we couldn’t resist). [ Link ]
Maximum support. Bold new print. You. Our idea of a triple threat. [ Link ]
Lace-up necklines. Because your skin really misses the sunshine. [ Link ]
Looks good. Moves even better. The Lightweight Sport Bra is all-new for spring. [ Link ]
Stay dedicated, stay balanced—and don’t forget to wear green. [ Link ]
Here comes the sun—and a new season! Get out there with all-new gear. [ Link ]
Dedication. It’s about suiting up every day. [ Link ]
“Daylight savings” is no excuse for skipping class. [ Link ]
Working the shoulders. [ Link ]
Ready to hit the ground running. [ Link ]
Simplicity. It’s all in the look. [ Link ]
Setting the tone for the weekend. [ Link ]
Too good for just the studio. [ Link ]
Clear the mid-week hurdle. [ Link ]
Change of season, change of sport bra. Make it Seamless. [ Link ]
Back at it on a Monday with the world’s best sport bras. [ Link ]
Pretty sure spring training starts now, with this outfit. Check it out online now, in stores 2.28. [ Link ]
There’s only one way to cushion the blow: the Incredible Sport Bra. [ Link ]