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Because these straps were NOT meant to be kept under wraps. [ Link ]
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Lightweight Sport Bra. Heavyweight attitude. New mesh details. [ Link ]
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Equal parts sporty & sexy. It’s all in the balance. [ Link ]
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How to pack a punch: the Knockout Front-Close in sizes up to DDD. [ Link ]
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Essential tops & tees for during & after your workout. [ Link ]
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Nothing like a new look to make you go the extra mile. [ Link ]
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Statement made. [ Link ]
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Style game strong: we're all about new mesh details. [ Link ]
The Sport Bralette. Your gym won’t know what hit it. [ Link ]
Stronger. Faster. Better. [ Link ]
Graphic workout ahead. [ Link ]
We joined forces with Well+Good for a rundown of the ultimate studio-to-street looks. Check it out!

The activewear look you’ll want to live in (plus the playlist that’ll get you to class)
Stripes earned. [ Link ]
Nothing motivates quite like new gear. Just ask Adriana Lima. [ Link ]
From the barre to brunch and back to the barre again. The Sport Bralette has you covered. [ Link ]
New year, new gear. The Long Line Plunge is in stores now, online Jan. 12! [ Link ]
Stripes on stripes on stripes. [ Link ]
The Semi-Annual Sale: Consider it today’s workout. [ Link ]
Bring it, 2017. [ Link ]