Our volunteers at VICSES Moe Unit are training to prepare for the excellent work they do helping the Victorian public during flood, storm and other emergency situations. Great work!

*19/1/16 Update: please see [ Bit.ly Link ] for more information.

We're investigating further and we will have more information for the public tomorrow.

Meanwhile visit Consumer Affairs Victoria if you think you have been scammed: [ Vic.gov.au Link ]

SES raffle ticket calls debunked as scam

Meet one of our Victoria SES officers in blue uniform, Josh Gamble. He's working out of the State Control Centre today.
We’re marching in this year’s Midsumma Pride March on Sunday 29 January 2017. Find out why:
Here are some great tips from Better Health Channel about surviving the heat.
Would you like to train with our VICSES Seymour Unit? They're recruiting. Visit their Facebook page or learn more: ses.vic.gov.au/volunteer
Be prepared for high winds. Move vehicles under cover or away from trees, secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony, and keep clear of fallen power lines.

Check affected areas and keep updated about weather warnings via the Bureau of Meteorology bom.gov.au
Find more information about preparing for storms ses.vic.gov.au/stormsafe

Severe Weather Warning 1 (VIC)

Floods come in all shapes and sizes. Wyndham SES responded to a burst water main with blocked drainage causing flooding.

We've got flood advice on our website to help you prepare in case an accident like this happens in your neighbourhood: ses.vic.gov.au/floodsafe

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We were lucky enough to spend a few hours at the Port Phillip Unit with Jim Kokkalos who answered the call to be part of an upcoming television campaign on social cohesion. Jim has been an SES member for 26 years. He told the story of his family emigrating to Australia from Greece when Jim was a boy, his love of Victoria and the satisfaction he gets in helping other people by being an SES...
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General rescue training involves rope tying practise. Here Portland SES, Victoria Unit demonstrate how to create a hold-fast anchor point using a 3-2-1 configuration. Stakes put into the ground at a certain angle and tied together creates great strength and a point to tie off to.

An anchor point is used during rooftop emergency response for safety or whenever there is a need to tie up...
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See more exclusive photos of the high angle rescue from Mt Buffalo. A lot of skill is involved. It was a combined effort of agencies including Country Fire Authority, local police and Ambulance Victoria.

Plus VICSES Bright Unit provide an insight into the kind of emergency scenarios they deal with. Great effort all!
Have you ever wondered how SES fill a sandbag? Watch VICSES Maffra Unit use the sandbag hopper.

Check if you are in a flood-prone area by searching our Flood Guides for each municipality: [ Vic.gov.au Link ]

While sandbags will not completely stop the water, they can reduce the amount of water that gets in. Here's a video guide to filling your own sandbags: [ Youtube.com Link ]

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A great photo of our Maroondah SES Unit.

Our committed and dedicated volunteers save the lives and property of countless Victorians, providing emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

If your New Year's resolution is to help your community find out what it takes and consider becoming an SES volunteer. We have over 140 units across the state:
Thanks to the Horsham SES and Stawell SES units for this rescue effort, ensuring the man was returned to safety and could be attended to by Ambulance Victoria officers. Victoria Police (VicPol) were also at the scene.

Safety tips: Getting to a cool place with water on a hot day is a great idea. But if you do plan to go hiking take lots of water, and make sure you are hydrated beforehand. Also...
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Man rescued at MacKenzie Falls | PHOTOS

The last thing our SES volunteers want is a call out to a road rescue this summer. But if needed, our volunteers will be ready. Here are some pics from the recent Portland SES, Victoria road rescue training.

Our volunteers urge you to please drive carefully on the roads and remember to take regular breaks. They'd rather meet you for a chat over a cuppa and biscuit at a Driver Reviver stop...
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Our Essendon SES Unit joined a very special event, the Christmas Party for Special Children (.

Along with other community organisations and generous local businesses, our volunteers gave children who are sick, terminally ill, physically and mentally challenged or disadvantaged the chance to forget their troubles for a few hours and enjoy an unforgettable Christmas.

We're not sure who had the...
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Now that the sun is out and the weather is clear, it’s a good time to clean your gutters to prevent flooding and damage during the next heavy rainfall.

Watch this instruction video from Bunnings:
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How to Clean Gutters - DIY at Bunnings

Gutters that are not maintained well can cause problems for your property. Blocked gutters and downpipes prevent water from draining effectively away from yo...