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Is your dog stressed? Learn about how stress affects your dog and what you can do to minimize it.

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Happy Mother's Day to my mum and all those mothers out there whether you're a mum of little humans or furry ones!
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Not only do these first responders care about human life, they also care about the lives of our four legged family members too. Thank you to this wonderful man and much respect to first responders everywhere.

A Firefighter Brought a Dog Back to Life With CPR
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I'm very excited to announce the Kindness is Powerful Awards in conjunction with the Petco Foundation. My Positively Foundation is joining forces with the Petco Foundation to recognize five individuals that go above and beyond for animals.
Here is where you come in. If you know someone deserving of this award, tell us why on this page. We will go through submissions, pick some front runners...
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Kittens and an important announcement......
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Anybody at #GlobalPetExpo in Orlando this week? Be sure to check out our good friend and fabulous VSA faculty member Nichole Smith from Working with Dog. She's giving 3 talks today (including one right now and another at 2pm!) about some fascinating research she's done for her soon-to-be launched book that can help pet businesses thrive. Go see her! [ Link ]

Global Pet Expo 2017 - working with dog -
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It's National Puppy Day. Post a pic of your pup on here and you could win a signed copy of my new book, The Secret Language of Dogs!
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We are London Strong! Fear will never win. Thinking about all those I have met in Parliament today and all those who have lost their lives or been injured in this horrific tragedy.
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This was an article from last Oct when NYC was cracking down on allowing people to take their large dogs in the subway. The only dogs that could be taken on the subway were ones that could fit in bags so........... :)

NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In A Bag, So These 15 Owners Got Creative.
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Important information here about toxoplasmosis. Steve Dale debunks myths about the disease and reveals the group of people that can be affected by it.

What You Need to Know About Toxoplasmosis
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Hot cops and firefighters! Episode 5 of Guardians of the Night is set to get steamy. Enjoy!
Things every dog owner should know....
A fan asks me what the difference is between positive training and punitive compulsion training. I'm joined by VSA Mentor Coordinator and dog trainer Aly Lecznar as we explain how positive training teaches a dog what TO DO, as opposed to what not to do.
Great read about how we can be better communicators with our dogs. True leadership doesn't require the use of force. (via Bravo Dog Training & Behaviour Consulting)

What It Means To Be Your Dog’s Leader
Last September myself and Grace Kelly from Finding Shelter Animal Rescue rescued a bulldog who was near death from an Amish puppy mill. We named her Violet. She has had many surgeries and round the clock nursing to get her back to health, but here she is after her last surgery and she's nearly ready to be adopted! You can see Violet's story on her Facebook page Violet The Puppy Mill Survivor
Two years ago I assisted in a puppy mill bust in Cherokee County, GA, close to the city of Canton. Now I'm pleased to say that Canton has become the first city in GA to ban the retail sales of pets in pet stores. This is a victory for everyone who fights so hard against abuse and a thorn in the sides of stores like Petland that perpetuate that abuse by selling puppies from puppy mills in their...
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Canton bans retail pet sales
Some really fun dog treat ideas for today's holiday! Will you be trying out any of these recipes? (via Beagles and Bargains)

17 Homemade Dog Treats Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day
In this Ask Victoria video, we explore why the concept of redirection is so important when dealing with over-aroused puppies. Plus, tricks for figuring out ways to teach young dogs that nipping or biting stops playtime.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wishing you all a lovely Friday. (via Mighty Dog Graphics)