VU's general rules in 1916, who can obey these rules today? #TBT
FACT: the longest ever professional tennis match lasted 11 hours #ausopen

Shorter or longer tennis matches: what's the right balance?
Congratulations to everyone who's received an offer from VU! Keep an eye on your mail this week for one of these packs with info on how to enrol, for your chance to win awesome prizes!
Behind the scenes filming in our #ISEAL facilities with Moana Hope from Collingwood Football Club & Alyssa Mifsud from Melbourne Football Club for the Womens Footy watch this space! #industryconnected #leadersinsport #aflw AFL Women's
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Start now 2017 | Victoria University
No more DOUGHNUTS Olympic Doughnuts will close after 40+ years of delicious doughnuts!
Have you seen the mural outside of Tottenham station? Go on, show us your memes! by @lushsux #SaltBae #lushsux
Do you showcase your imagination through art? We want to see your work. Enter the art prize for your chance to win!

Art is not what you see but what you make others see.
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If weight loss is on your mind, you should consider eating more chilli

Researchers confirm chilli fires up weight loss | Victoria University | Melbourne Australia
Our ISEAL building is shining bright like a diamond today! Do you know what the little pictures are around the building? ☀☀
Do you remember any of these shows? Let us know your favourite TV show growing up. - Generation Y Australians #TBT
Fact or fiction: Microwaving food zaps nutrients?

Health check: is it safe to microwave your food?
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Looking for a way to make it in the film industry? Entries are now open for the Setting Sun Short Film Festival & it's free for students to enter [ Link ]
Borrowing books the old school way, who remembers these?
Have you got Mondayitis? Get your brain working with this, post your answers below!
Recycled water? Yuck! VU's Research Fellow Daniel Ooi looks at the reasons why we feel this way.

Why we can get over the 'yuck factor' when it comes to recycled water
Summer is finally here, explore 10 day trips just a few hours from Melbourne!

Get outta town: top 10 Melbourne day trips