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Zubin Mehta is the Main Conductor of Valencia’s opera house. He is also a part of the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Ultra Violet lamp in Digi Zaara fights tough stains and gives you a smarter wash.
Zuta Labs has created a compact robotic mobile printer that will enable you to print on any size of paper, anywhere.

Pocket-Size Device Lets You Print from Anywhere

Connect your world, with #4KCrystal TV that comes with an in-built Wi-Fi feature.
The destruction of e-waste releases toxic material into the environment. Please call on 18004193283 and hand over the e-waste product to authorized recycler.
Avoid putting your gadgets on stand-by mode as they continue to consume power and increase electricity consumption.
Dirt stand no chance with the powerful wash of DigiOne’s Hexa Tech Pulsator
Meet Ms.Tessy Thomas, the ‘Missile Woman of India’. She is the 1st female scientist to head a missile project in the country.
Ultra Violet Lamp in Digi Zaara gives tough stains a really tough time!
Meet Ripple buds, a powerful audiophile earbuds which comes with in-ear microphone that cuts off extra noise so that, your voice is always crystal clear.

This headset puts a microphone right in your ear canal

Careen Elite O3 saves energy! Locks itself on high temperature and unlocks when normal.
Turn off the stove 5 to 10 minutes before the cooking time is up so that the food gets cooked by the accumulated steam.
Cover the food before putting it in refrigerator to maintain the right moisture and keep it fresh.
It comes with Digital Direct Reception, ensuring that there is no signal loss hence, you get an amazing picture & sound quality!
Pam Nalin is an Indian award winning film director, screen writer and documentary film maker. He received global acclaim for his movie Samsara, winning over 30 international awards.
With colour longevity in Liquid Luminous, you don’t have to worry about your TV losing its colour reproduction over time.
#TechTuesday Robots are growing smarter day by day and Stefanie Tellex is the one teaching them.

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016: Robots That Teach Each Other

Experience the world’s best TV viewing experience with Ultra High Definition in the 4K TV.
The world has changed a lot over the years, as has the way we view it. Celebrate innovation and technology this World Television Day.