Today we honor Curtis Burkett of of England, Arkansas, who fell on this day in 1971. He is remembered by his son Mike:

"You are still missed after all of these years."

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A vast majority of Americans who served never committed atrocities; they fought bravely against a determined enemy in harsh conditions, and they reintegrated into society and made substantial contributions over the years.

The Grunt’s War
51 years ago today: Feb. 18, 1966 is the anniversary date of the helicopter crash that killed 2LT Carol Drazba and 2LT Elizabeth Ann Jones. They are two of eight women listed on The Wall who died in the Vietnam War.
Today we honor Richard Mancini of Amsterdam, New York, who went MIA in 1968. Today would have been his birthday. He is remembered by Nikki, who wore his MIA bracelet:

"You were my first bracelet. From 12 years old, until my mid-30's, you never once left my wrist. You were in my prom and wedding pictures. You were a part of every good moment and every bad moment in my life. And I am so happy...
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Retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, the legendary commander at the battle of Ia Drang and co-author of the book, "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young," passed away on Feb. 10, 2017. Here are some of our favorite photos of him at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
2017 In Memory application deadline extended to April 14th!

Did a family member pass away as a result of Agent Orange-related illnesses or PTSD? Apply to honor your Vietnam veteran through the 2017 In Memory program and ceremony in June.

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Escorted by the Patriot Guard riders and members of the Ft. Worth Police Department, the wall passed as crowds respectfully watched.

The Wall That Heals will be open for viewing at the Fort Worth Stockyards Museum parking lot until 3:00 PM Saturday.

RFD-TV Salutes Veterans in Fort Worth
We asked a few veterans what they thought of when they first saw The Wall and the impact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has on them
A lesson from war is to never again blame our veterans for the policies carried out during times of conflict.

They answered the call and deserve our respect.
A family member writes: "Sometimes things happen that we can't explain or even want to try to understand. I didn't know you 40 years ago when you were sent away, and I never will."

Stuffed Animal Toy Left for U.S. Marine Corps Cpl Michael Hiller, who fell in 1967
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After visiting The Wall, Walsh is trying to visit and photograph as many memorials as he can. It's for the men we've lost and it's brought an unexpected journey of healing for himself and others.

A means to heal: Vietnam Vet takes thousands of photos at war memorials in all 50 states
Today we honor David Larson of Wausa, Nebraska, who fell in 1972. Today would have been his birthday. He is remembered by his brother:

"Our brother, David N. Larson, was born on February 14th. The gun mount on the DDG22 Benjamin Stoddert blew up during live fire while off the coast of Vietnam. Dave eventually passed due to the trauma he suffered as he was working in the magazine of the gun...
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Today we honor Lionel Nesbit Phillips, Jr., of Concord, North Carolina, who fell on this day in 1968. He is remembered by his sister Vada:

"PFC Lionel Nesbit Phillips, Jr. joined the Army of the United States in July 1967. Lionel enlisted with great pride, willing to serve his country. He left for Viet Nam in November 1967. During the time that Lionel served in Viet Nam, our family enjoyed...
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Love those we are fortunate to have by our sides, show love for all who served & keep those we lost close to our hearts. NEVER FORGET the 189 Vietnam veterans listed on The Wall who lost their lives on Feb. 14th #ValentinesDay
Dawn on The Mall. Beautiful colors grace a Washington, D.C. sky over a quiet memorial of devotion and reflection. (Photo via
A man leads a group of students on a cold day. Every day we honor the fallen and every day we teach others to remain grateful.

We offer resources and lesson plans to help students and youth understand the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the sacrifices our heroes make and more. View our field trip guide here→[ Link ]
Many Vietnam vets had a difficult journey.

The In Memory ceremony has been seen as "healing" for many.

Sharing memories and acknowledging each other’s suffering gives validation and helps ensure loved ones are not forgotten. Watch videos from last year's touching ceremony→