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घमंड से अपना सर ऊँचा ना करे।जीतने वाले भी अपना गोल्ड मेडल सर झुका के हासिल करते है
Vijender Singh
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Proud to be Indian
Vijender Singh
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Remembering Chandrashekhar Azad great freedom fighter,revolutionary on his martyrdom day.
#JaiHind #ChandraShekharAzad
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02/26/2017 at 15:47. Facebook
How many likes for this man Vijender Singh?
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With Dr Sanjeev Balyan
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Vijender Singh
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नागेन्द्रहाराय त्रिलोचनाय भस्माङ्गरागाय महेश्वराय ।नित्याय शुद्धाय दिगम्बराय तस्मै नकाराय नम:शिवाय !
Happy #MahaShivaratri to everyone
Vijender Singh
02/23/2017 at 11:08. Facebook
Keep calm and do #Yoga Baba Ramdev
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Vijender Singh
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With boxing referees & judges
All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them
I think pro boxing is already a famous sport. I'm just doing my job

Vijender Singh effect? More Indian boxers hit the road to professional stardom
Brand ambassador of national boxing academy Sai
Nothing can dim the light which shines from within
Train Insane Or Remain The Same
And here's my Valentine #HappyValentineday
A man with great personality who speaks from the bottom of his heart Ch. Birender Singh