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Who would you vote to win in new Viki Original 'Girl's War'? Find out who wins with Viki Pass! [ Link ]
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This love triangle just keeps getting better! How are we supposed to choose a ship when everyone is so hysterical?

Watch 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon': [ Link ]
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We're practically squealing we're so excited for this new k-drama with Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon!

Find 'Whisper' starting 3/27: [ Link ]
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Kim Min Suk was stabbed! Will he be able to survive?

Find more of 'Defendant' with Viki Pass: [ Link ]
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Only the second episode in and already there's so much skinship between Chris Wu and Ivy Shao!

Watch 'The Perfect Match' for more amazing moments: [ Link ]
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Who do you want to win in the Viki Platinum Challenge? BapMokja and Haeppy fight it out in this FB Live poll, powered by the 2017 Toyota USA RAV4! Don't forget to keep watching in order to win a FREE annual Viki Pass subscription!
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The second episode for Viki's own variety show, the Viki Platinum Challenge is here! Who do you think is going to win this time? Powered by the 2017 Toyota USA RAV4!

Watch Heyitsfeiii to keep an eye out on how to win an annual Viki Pass subscription for FREE!
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Who runs the world? Girls! In March we're celebrating Girl Power in k-dramas with our #DramaFanFriday!

Enjoy Part 4 of 5: Mastery in 'My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho'! [ Link ]
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The trailer for 'Whisper' is so gripping! Who is excited for this upcoming k-drama with Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon? [ Link ]
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Every single one of Park Bo Young's faces is totally adorable! [ Link ]
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How cute is this reunion between Peter Sheng and Dilraba Dilmurat?

See more of the Chinese 'She Was Pretty' remake 'Pretty Li Hui Zhen': [ Link ]
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Viki Original 'Fortuneteller's Secret Recipe' looks like it's going to be amazing! Watch the premiere, on 3/27 with Viki Pass! [ Link ]
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Anyone want a scene with Sung Joon shirtless? We're certainly not saying no!

Find him in 'Perfect Wife' with your Viki Pass! [ Link ]
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We're going to KASCON! Join our panel on breaking stereotypes, where we'll be talking about behind-the-scenes aspects of the Korean Entertainment Industry! [ Link ]
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Park Bo Young's mother is absolutely hilarious! We'd encourage her to stay the night with Park Hyung Sik too!

Watch more in 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon': [ Link ]
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Here are 9 Historical K-dramas You Shouldn't Miss! Which one is your favorite? [ Link ]
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Were you obsessed with 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'? Win a pink octopus from the drama by signing up for Viki Pass with the Spring Fever Promo! Enter the contest by posting a screenshot in the comments section from your favorite scene from our "Spring Fever" Collection here: [ Link ]
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Zhang Bin Bin is officially giving us Second Lead Syndrome!

Who do you ship in 'Pretty Li Hui Zhen'? [ Link ]