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Our 'Chief Kim' Namgoong Min and 2pm's Junho butt heads! Who will get to have the upper hand? [ Link ]

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We can't call it an awesome k-drama unless it ends with a hot kiss!

Watch Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' for free: [ Link ]
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The Ninja Academy is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this year. Cheers to another year of celebrating our diversity, passion, and love of global entertainment!

A special thank you to our community of awesome segmenters and subtitlers who bring down language and cultural barriers, one show at a time.

Learn how to be a Viki Ninja: [ Link ]

Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy
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Who doesn't want a perfect wife? But keep in mind that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Tune in to 'Perfect Wife' with Viki Pass today: [ Link ]
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Go Ara gets frustrated after seeing Park Seo Joon with Seo Ye Ji in 'Hwarang'! Is that jealousy? [ Link ]
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All good things have to come to an end! Don't miss the finale of 'Laurel Tree Tailors' today: [ Link ]
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Another reason to watch 'Defendant': 소녀시대(Girls' Generation) Yuri's role as a lawyer! Catch the wave: [ Link ]
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Isn't this scene deja vu? Lee Min Ho comes back for Jun Ji Hyun under the umbrella!

Catch all episodes of 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' for free now: [ Link ]
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Do Ji Han has found the one! Who's this lucky girl? Find out in 'Hwarang': [ Link ]

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It's Ji Sung's birthday! Celebrate with this sexy ajusshi by watching him in 'Defendant'! [ Link ]
02/26/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
An unexpected admirer of Park Seo Joon's! BTS V Kim Taehyung's aegyo hits us right in the spot in 'Hwarang'! [ Link ]

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From Wonder Woman, Catwoman, to... Do Bong Soon! Catch this powerful girl now in 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' on Viki: [ Link ]
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Lee Min Ho pretends he doesn't remember Jun Ji Hyun. This is too painful to watch!

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What’s a woman to do when life throws you lemons?

Find the answer in new drama 'Perfect Wife', starring Yoon Sang Hyun, Ko So Young, Jo Yeo Jeong, and Sung Joon! Premieres on 2/27, exclusively on Viki: [ Link ]
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No embezzlement flies under Namgoong Min's eyes! He will get you!

Watch 'Chief Kim' with Viki Pass: [ Link ]
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Fei Yang works her magic on BapMokja and Haeppy! Watch how she turns them into BIGBANG's GD & 2pm's Nichkhun in this k-pop inspired makeup tutorial, powered by the 2017 Toyota USA RAV4!

(Music from by Jahzzar)
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The beautiful Take Shrine in Hiroshima, Japan, caught in a blizzard.

Photo credit: kawazo_jp | Instagram
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Shin Hye Sun is ready to propose! Who is she marrying in 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'? [ Link ]

All episodes open to all users now.
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'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' is here! Tune in now on Viki: [ Link ]
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Love is in the air! In February, we're counting down the romantic moments in k-dramas on #DramaFanFriday with a Missha giveaway! [Instructions to win below]

How to enter: Tell us which Asian star has the best style in your book & tag 3 friends in the comment. Contest closes at 11:59PM PST, Monday, 2/27.

Enjoy Part 4 of 4: The Best First Dance from 'W'! [ Link ]