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We're giving away these prizes. Just answer the question 'What would the world be like if everyone volunteered?'

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How to find your purpose
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Volunteering could help you get a job
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'Volunteering encourages you to see the world from a different perspective.'

Read Nicole Goodwin's guest blog as she reflects on the decline of human kindness in 2016 and why we must walk in 'another's skin' to truly understand others.

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Do you know a young person changing their community? Let us know with #volhero.

This month's Volunteer Superhero is a life affirming, costume wearing and record breaking superstar.

She uses the experience of her Grandmother's hearing loss to transform the lives of others. But don't take it from us, hear directly from our friends at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

vInspired - Leaders in youth volunteer opportunities
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Young creatives across the UK are answering this question. Now it's your turn to feature on our blog and win prizes. [ Link ]
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Happy Martin Luther King day
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How to be rich
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You can be that one person
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Let's face it, 2016 caused a lot of conflict.

We know volunteering brings communities together, so we want you to make 2017 amazing by imagining what the world be like if everyone volunteered.

You could win a luxury hamper of cookies and cake, a £50 amazon voucher or top bluetooth headphones from Sony.

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'Volunteering teaches us how to love, share and appreciate the things we have.'

Shoiab Ahmed told us what the world be like if everyone volunteered on the V•Inspired blog.

Tell us your vision and you could win top headphones, a £50 amazon voucher or a luxury hamper of cookies and cake. Yum!

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1 in 4 young people don't feel in control of their lives, according to the Prince's Trust. Are you positive about your future?

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Here's what we found young people were worried about last year. Tell us in the comments if there's anything we missed.
Theresa May has promised to provide more mental health support for young people.

It's a universal truth that helping others, helps you. So we thought we'd share our quick and easy guide to improving your mental health.

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Young creatives in London, CultureMakers want to fund your project!

#CultureMakers | Westway Trust
Our friends over at Oxfam GB have found that #volunteering increases your chances of getting a job. What do you lot think?

Volunteering increases career prospects, Oxfam study finds