Violent Soho
01/19/2017 at 01:58. Facebook
Thanks to all the huge crowds we got to play for this summer. It's been a mind melter!

Violent Soho
01/17/2017 at 02:32. Facebook
UNIFY - A Heavy Music Gathering was unreal! #8inarow
Been a huge year! Thanks to all the legends who took to the mosh at one of the many massive gigs we got to do over the last couple of weekends. We love you Australia! Don't forget to swing us a vote in the Hottest 100!

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: Rag and Bone Photography
Safe to say Falls Music and Arts Festival over NYE was a good time. Pumped for UNIFY - A Heavy Music Gathering this weekend!
Just dropped these 'Carolina Blue' tees. There's not many so go get 'em!

Falls Music and Arts Festival is a blast! Happy New Year Australia!

: Toby Taylor
Just dropped these sweet reversible beach towels! Grab 'em along with a bunch of summer specials and then get back to ya leftovers
Keen to keep the silly season going. Falls Music and Arts Festival kicks off this Thursday. Can't bloody wait!

Luke Boerdam doing his thing at Enmore Theatre earlier this year on the WACO tour. What a bloody good time!

Matt Warrell
Absolutely blown away to have WACO voted #1 album of the year by triple j listeners for 2016! Thanks to all you Aussie legends for your support and to triple j for spinning our tracks. So stoked!

(Regram: Richard Kingsmill)
True Love

: The Art Of Capture
This is gonna be a hectic wrap to our Summer festival run! Gonna take down Luca Brasi at beach cricket and have a huge one to celebrate!
Well what a bloody year ! triple j have just opened up voting for the Hottest 100 and we have a few songs in the mix like 'Viceroy' and 'So Sentimental'. So many good songs came out this year so you can't go wrong really - just get amongst it!

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Here's a new merch design just in time for Chrissy with a picture on it featuring all 9 of the wise men who visited Jebus in the barn. Red and Green means ya know it's Christmas!
Been a big year - cheers Australia (plus world) ❤

The Art Of Capture
Mega weekend in Canberra! Thanks for the party Spilt Milk

: Kansas Smeaton
Ran into our good mates DUNE RATS in the lounge. En route to Canberra for Spilt Milk tomorrow!
Can't believe this was a week ago! Still so pumped we got to meet Jimmy!!!
Here we go legends... Clear with Ruby Red Splatter WACO vinyl online now!

The 3rd vinyl pressing of WACO drops tomorrow at 12noon AEDT from 24Hundred. Limited pressing of 750 x Clear with Ruby Red Splatter!