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Legs shaking? Chest burning? Sweat dripping? Keep going! You’ve only got 2 days to complete your 3500m total elevation for our toughest Epic Challenge yet.

Go to for more.
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Fact. 45mins of intense cardio is all it takes to reduce stress by 25%. Sound good? Try a Ride class and cycle yourself smiling.
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We’re loving our shiny new water-saving showerheads in our locker rooms. Normal showerheads use between 12 and 15 liters of water a MINUTE. The Ecosmart uses just 7.5, so naturally we refitted the showers across the country.
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Wanna win limited edition Virgin Active RED X Thesis Lifestyle gear? Of course you do. Head to the Virgin Active RED Facebook page. Watch the full Fixin’ Diaries feature & answer the #RedQuiz question. Ts&Cs apply.

Good luck!
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Get a total elevation of 3500m this week to complete the 5th Epic Challenge. Hey, we never said it was going to be easy. Post your results on to stay in the running.
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Did you know you could save up to 60 glasses of water every time you turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth? And that's not all, in January we saved over 15 million litres of water! #SaveTheDrop
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Start early and get a leg up on the competition. You’re gonna need it. For Epic Challenge 5, you’ve got 7 days to score a total elevation of at least 3500m.

And if you missed out on Challenge 1 – 4, don’t give up yet. You can still complete them for discounts with our Epic partners. Go to to find out more.
Ts&Cs apply.
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Tamlyn Riddle, a personal trainer at Virgin Active Constantia, got a romantic Valentine’s serenade, courtesy of her girlfriend, Donae-lee Marinus. Donae had some help from the velvet-voiced Chad Saaiman, as well as GOOD HOPE FM’s Dalin Oliver. Brilliant stuff.
#SameLove #WeBelieveInAnythingCalledLove #Inspirational
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Eyes on the prize. It’s your last day to complete a total distance of 300km for Epic Challenge 4. Get out there and finish up, then brag about it on the leaderboard at
Beverley Du Plessis, Dirk Labuschagne and Jono Cloete clearly didn't skip leg day. They won challenges 1, 2 and 3 respectively, of the Virgin Active Epic Battle. Congratulations on your win!
Go on, you deserve a little love (and action) this month. Sign up between 14 and 28 Feb and get up to R500 CASH BACK, a FREE kit bag, and only start paying from March! What’s not to love?
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Say hello to our three amazing new Yoga classes.

Strength will take your cardio, strength and legs to places they’ve probably never been before.

Align builds strength and flexibility by holding postures for longer – prepare to touch those toes.

Calm is the perfect way to end a workout or your day while getting all bendy and totally blissing out.

Visit the MyVA app or...
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Get ready to experience the world’s first cardio drumming jam session, POUND. Hitting a Virgin Active near you mid-March!
True story :)
Fact. Drinking ice water burns calories. That’s right. Your body uses its energy (= burning calories) to maintain your core temperature.
Start pedaling, amigos. You’ve got a long way to go. 300km to be exact. Rack up that total distance over the next 7 days to complete the challenge.

And if you missed out on our previous challenges, it’s not too late. You can still complete them for discounts from some Epic partners. Go to for more.
Ts&Cs apply.
POUND co-created by Kirsten Potenza, will be featured at the very first POUND class in SA at the Women’s Health Fit Night Out 11 Feb 2017! Hit that. 3 days to go! #FNO For more check out: .
Epic Challenge 2 closes in two days. Do a single ride with an elevation change of at least 1000m, and log your results at

If you haven't completed the previous challenges that's okay, as you'll still be in line to win lucky draw prizes. Ts&Cs apply
It takes 3 weeks to forge a habit & 4 weeks to notice physical changes, so if you’ve been sticking to your NY resolutions, share it!