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The best weekends start with a workout. Tag in a friend who needs a welcome like this. You'll get it every time you walk into our Mansion House club.
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Get hot. It's our new H.E.A.T class, high energy athletic training at its toughest.
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Workouts - it's not about having time, it's about making time.
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Have you met Kos at our Barbican club? "He always goes out of his way to give a warm welcome and makes everyone feel like a valued customer."

If you've got a Virgin Active star, let us know why!
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Refer a friend to join Virgin Active and recieve 3 bottles of Virgin Wine [ Link ]
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Know your warrior 2 from your cobra? Why not check out our new yoga classes and unleash your inner-yogi? [ Link ] #yogaeveryday

Yoga Classes Near Me | Virgin Active
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Let the gains begin! #mondaymotivation
Enjoy afternoon tea with some healthy twists, with Soulmatefood 's scone recipe [ Link ]

Low Carb Scones with Crème Fraiche | Virgin Active
Treat yourself to a post-workout, pre-scrum burger with our Six Nations burger offer #6nations
Hit the squat bar, before you hit the bar #StPatricksDay
Reformer pilates can prevent injury, increase core strength and joint stability. Read more about Beyond Movement here: [ Link ]

Reformer Pilates | Virgin Active
Whoever you are, yoga can benefit everybody. Release your inner-calm, like The Strength Temple with our calm yoga class #yogaforeverybody
Feel serious burn with our new H.E.A.T class. It'll push you to higher performance:
Yoga is for everybody and is a great way to build strength and correct alignment, as demonstrated by Chris Jammer #yogaforeverybody
It's a brand new week. Focus, commit, achieve - you've got this #Mondaymotivation
Beyond Movement is open to all, member or not. Find out more details on our new sports massage offering here. [ Link ]

Beyond Movement | Virgin Active
Joey discovered Beyond Movement after sustaining a foot injury. Read more here: [ Link ]

Recovery | Joey London
A healthy full English breakfast! Yep, you read that right - HEALTHY! Read how @Soulmatefood make the perfect healthy full English breakfast [ Link ]

Guilt Free English Breakfast
Discover inner beauty through yoga practice, just like Robbie Britton. #yogaforeverybody
Want a friend to work out with? This might sweeten the deal - no joining fee if they join this month. [ Link ]

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