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03/24/2017 at 21:36. Facebook
Kardashians, catwalks and big nights out. The Virgin Media Hype Chart brings you the best shows on Virgin TV.
It would be a sin to miss the season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians tonight at 9pm on E! Like literally, seriously and totally.
Who you gonna call? Your boss.
Tell them there’s been a ghost invasion and that the world needs your help to stop the otherworldly threat. Join the Ghostbusters on Sky Cinema.
Would you rather fight one orc-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized orcs?
Watch the video game turned blockbuster on Sky Cinema to help you make your mind up.
Great movies will find you wherever you are. Fantastic Beasts, Strange Doctors, the Arrival of aliens and many more – this month on Virgin Movies.
Catfish /katfɪʃ/:
1. Lure someone into a relationship by adopting a fake online persona.
2. New season of MTV’s popular reality show – on tonight, 9pm.
EGX 2017 is around the corner (of your screen).

50% off EGX tickets
Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Nope, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch in Marvel’s Doctor Strange with a slick cape, trying to save the world from evil on Virgin Movies.
Watch as The Hayemaker takes on Liverpool’s very own Bomber tomorrow night. Do. Not. Miss. This. One.
As far as con artists go, she’s a Picasso. Get all tangled up with the twists & turns of the new UK exclusive, Imposters only available on Virgin TV. (Warning: she might steal your heart.)
They love pizza, they live beneath the sewers and they know ninjutsu. Just the kind of turtles your mum warned you about… Catch them on Sky Cinema.
The March To Wembley has begun. Best of luck Southampton FC, we’re right behind you! #AllTheFootball
We take your word for it, Drew
Santa Clarita Diet – now on Netflix.
Will you take to be your Valentine’s Binge companion, your partner in crime and your one true pal, in sickness and in health? Yes. Yes you will.
No time to waste: get your snacks in order, find a comfy position and take that special someone on a Valentine’s Binge.
Diamond rings, chocolate hearts and expensive dinners who? Don’t faff about this Valentine’s Day. Take your loved one on a Valentine’s Binge instead.
Not sure how to express your feels on Valentine’s Day?
Give them the greatest gift of all (for one night only): full control of the remote.
Just like Grease. But animated. With Justin Timberlake. And colourful little furry creatures. Find your happy place on Virgin Movies.
Admit it. You’ve played it. So why not get that slingshot ready, aim and fire those mysterious green piggies back to where they came from! Catch the birds on Sky Cinema.