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They love pizza, they live beneath the sewers and they know ninjutsu. Just the kind of turtles your mum warned you about… Catch them on Sky Cinema.
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The March To Wembley has begun. Best of luck Southampton FC, we’re right behind you! #AllTheFootball
We take your word for it, Drew
Santa Clarita Diet – now on Netflix.
Will you take to be your Valentine’s Binge companion, your partner in crime and your one true pal, in sickness and in health? Yes. Yes you will.
No time to waste: get your snacks in order, find a comfy position and take that special someone on a Valentine’s Binge.
Diamond rings, chocolate hearts and expensive dinners who? Don’t faff about this Valentine’s Day. Take your loved one on a Valentine’s Binge instead.
Not sure how to express your feels on Valentine’s Day?
Give them the greatest gift of all (for one night only): full control of the remote.
Just like Grease. But animated. With Justin Timberlake. And colourful little furry creatures. Find your happy place on Virgin Movies.
Admit it. You’ve played it. So why not get that slingshot ready, aim and fire those mysterious green piggies back to where they came from! Catch the birds on Sky Cinema.
We don’t just do feel-good movies. We do feel-great movies too!
Catch Trolls, Inferno, Bridget Jones’s Baby and many more this month on Virgin Movies.
Check out the UK first look of #Legion
What is real? What is not? Is he crazy?
Or is he the most powerful mutant they’ve ever encountered?
So many questions, so little time…
From page-turner to screen-burner, The Girl On The Train will keep you guessing until the end. Get on-board with Virgin Movies now.
Unsure how to keep your kids safe online? We're supporting Safer Internet Day and compiled a handy guide:
Don’t miss Chris Eubank Jr's first world title fight vs IBO champion Renold Quinlan. Come out swinging and check it out:
Have you heard of the new Santa Clarita Diet craze? It’s to die for! More energy and an improved outlook on life guaranteed. Head to Netflix for a taste.
Dear diary,
We’re not sure who Bridget Jones’s Baby’s father is but we’re sure he has a British accent. Or an American…
Find out now on Virgin Movies. Xoxo
30 beefy superstars. One ring. One champion. Lllet’s get rrreadyy to #RoyalRumble Order via your TiVo box. (Don’t forget your gumshield and the popcorn.)

WWE Royal Rumble 2017
Who could resist the sleek Stetsons, Denzel’s tash, all the horsepower and explosions… Did we mention Denzel’s tash?
The Magnificent Seven, now on Virgin Movies.
That awkward moment when you’ve got the Red Queen coming over for a tea party but you forgot to buy biscuits…
At least your hat’s on point. Join Alice and save the Mad Hatter! Now on Sky Cinema.
Get your life jacket ready and hop on board the sinking relationship ship! #ExOnTheBeach is back on MTV UK, and so is the Tablet of Terror… Let the drama commence.