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Virgin Radio Winnipeg
3 hours 43 minutes ago. Facebook
So Drift Harmony was heading back for the day and this happened! Everything just played out so amazing!
Our buddy Tarek from FoodFare spots us and joins the band!
#foodfare #buntys #friedchicken #driftharmony #laundry
Virgin Radio Winnipeg
4 hours 33 minutes ago. Facebook
'Drift Harmony' had a busy morning, we pushed out a bunch of cars and shovelled a ton of houses. Weston, Tyndall Park, Garden City, Maples, Garden Grove represent! โ„โœŒ
Virgin Radio Winnipeg
4 hours 52 minutes ago. Facebook
Nothing like a day off helping others. Way to go Skylar and Teegan! ~ Mandy

One Winnipeg couple helps 16 cars stuck in Tuesdayโ€™s snowstorm

Push it. Done and done. โ„โ„
Ace and Lloyd are shovelling walks for those who need help this morning!
School buses are cancelled today in all of the major Winnipeg school divisions (Winnipeg, St. James-Assiniboia, Seven Oaks, Pembina Trails, Louis Riel and River East-Transcona). Schools are still open but itโ€™s up to parents to get kids to school.
The Snow Route Parking Ban is in effect beginning tonight MIDNIGHT
**Contest closed!! They'll be known as 'Drift Harmony' **
Ace and Lloyd are out to shovel seniors' walks and push people out this morning, but they need a team name. Text your suggestion to 103103 and you could win Cirque tickets!
Cancellations for Wednesday December 7th

A large portion of highways in Manitoba are still closed. Here's the updated list from Manitoba Highways
[ Manitoba511.ca Link ]

School Cancellations

All buses are cancelled within the St. James-Assiniboia School Division. That includes buses within the city.

Red River Valley School Division

Pine Creek School Division

Southwest Horizon...
View details โ‡จ
It's not her fault, Dad! What was one of the best excuses you've tried to get out of trouble? (if you have little ones by all means, share away if you like!)

Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 20:17. Facebook
...$1000 for a tree? (delivery, stand and set up included) No thanks. What's your take on Christmas trees, does it have to a real tree or are you cool with a fake one? Does it matter to you?


Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Us! [ Bit.ly Link ]

[ Nyp.st Link ]

โ€˜Tree Ladyโ€™ charges $1K for her finest fir

Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 18:31. Facebook
Shout out to Toby and these guys who all helped this woman get her car out of the snow. Thank you for helping! They also helped get that GIANT truck out after ~ Mandy
Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 17:49. Facebook
Here are the road closures in #Manitoba so far. Please drive safe! ~ Mandy
Highway 1 is closed from Headingley to Brandon.
Highway 7 at the Perimeter Highway is closed on the eastbound lanes due to a collision.
Highway 2 is closed from Winnipeg to Highway 13.
Highway 2 is closed from Highway 18 to Souris.
Highway 3 is closed from the Perimeter Highway to Morden.
Highway 13 is closed from...
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Map - Manitoba 511 - Road and Traveller Information | Province du Manitoba

Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 16:44. Facebook
There's a new service in Winnipeg that will pick you and your car up year round and take you home. Not just from your Christmas party but from the dentist, if you get hurt, from the airport or if you lost your license. ~ Mandy

New designated driver service wants to get Winnipeggers and their cars home safe | Metro Winnipeg

Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 15:15. Facebook
This man is learning to speak English for the sweetest reason. This is what the holidays are all about. โค ~ Mandy

This Tear-Jerking Holiday Commercial Will Make Your Heart Grow 3 Sizes

Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 13:19. Facebook
This is the new Christmas standard!!! - LTI

Listen to The Ace Burpee Show live here...[ Iheartradio.ca Link ]
Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 12:13. Facebook
Hwy 1 West, closed from Headingley to Portage la Prairie


School is cancelled in the following divisions;

Red River Valley School Division
Evergreen School Division
Sunrise School Division
Hanover School Division
Seine River School Division
Turtle Mountain School Division
Lord Selkirk School Division
Prairie Rose School Division
Borderland School Division
Interlake School...
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Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 11:57. Facebook
Heavy snow is expected to continue today with 20 - 30 cms falling and winds gusting to 70km an hour later today.
Virgin Radio Winnipeg
yesterday at 05:00. Facebook
On Air with Ryan Seacrest - Awe so bittersweet. This guy made a tree of angels in honor of everyone we lost in 2016.

Sad Christmas Tree Pays Tribute To 2016 Deaths | On Air with Ryan Seacrest