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Farm-fresh thinking – brighter ways to produce and supply food [ Link ] Sustainia #100solutions
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How green spaces & sustainable food sources are working towards a more climate-resilient city: [ Link ]
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Introducing the newest member of the Branson family – Bluey Rafe Richard Branson [ Link ]
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How Paris is working to tackle the challenges of climate change: [ Link ] #Cities100
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Watch Mary Robinson recalling the atmosphere in Sierra Leon as families queued to access free healthcare: [ Link ] #UHC
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"We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."

Richard Branson on what we can learn from the Overview Effect in divisive times: [ Link ]
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Read how meeting the #GlobalGoals will help combat pressing and costly global challenges: [ Link ] The B Team
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Meet the Rasa: Possibly the best car you’ll never buy [ Link ] Riversimple
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Savvy & equipped entrepreneurs in the Caribbean are galvanising to change the world. Read about them here: [ Link ]
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An attitude that can change the world: [ Link ] Jeremiah Emmanuel BEM Big Change
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If the seismic political shifts of 2016 weren’t enough, 2017 looks set to be just as eventful. Let’s take a look at the year ahead and in particular upcoming elections around the world: [ Link ]
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Why we can never accept the unacceptable. Jean Oelwang calls for urgent criminal justice reform: [ Link ]
Join us to celebrate the launch of the new BVI charity: Unite BVI [ Link ]
Every so often you stumble across a fact that stops you in your tracks – a fact that looks like a typo.

A fact that can’t be right, but is – like 2.7 trillion: the number of apples wasted every year. Or 44 per cent: the percentage of honey bees killed by Colony Collapse Disorder in the US between 2015 and 2016.

Or this one: The amount of construction expected to happen during the next 40...
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5 random acts of kindness that we should all do this #BlueMonday: [ Link ] #MondayMotivation
.@HollyBranson is sharing an article from the @Guardian talking about growth mindset… have a look: [ Link ]
Entrepreneurs share their New Year’s resolutions for business in 2017: [ Link ]
We just love VP Biden's note urging staff to take time off to be with their families: [ Link ]
Quiz: How the Virgin Group has changed over time: [ Link ]
Read how Sam Branson took feelings of failure and used them as inspiration: [ Link ]