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To celebrate Mother’s Day, Richard Branson has penned this lovely blog, sharing five lessons his Mum, Eve Branson, taught him: [ Link ]
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“As a professional writer it can be pretty dispiriting to find that anyone can do your job, even a machine...”

How will AI storytelling impact the future of the written word [ Link ]
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“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left”

Can you imagine a world without bees? Watch this short film: [ Link ]
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Introducing the sleepwear label that provides a meal and 50 per cent of its profits to homeless youth with each sale: [ Link ]
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The Elders have officially welcomed UN Secretary-General’s commitment to fight sexual exploitation: [ Link ]
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Andrea Wilson is a Branson Centre entrepreneur from the British Virgin Islands. Read about how the Branson Centre is helping Andrea and other BVI entrepreneurs get the business help they need: [ Link ]
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“We all shine more when we are given the freedom to work on what we love” - Richard Branson [ Link ]
Today is #WorldWaterDay – a day to advocate for the sustainable use of the world’s water. Learn how young people in Tanzania are taking action to tackle the water crisis: [ Link ]
“The best way of learning anything is by doing” Richard Branson: [ Link ]
We could all do with a few reasons to be cheerful right now, so today we’re sharing some incredible inventions that are helping to solve global challenges – and that years ago wouldn’t have been possible.

Learn how mobile phones and micropayment are providing access to Africa’s new solar-power system: [ Link ] #100solutions Sustainia
Blown away by the greatness of the people they’ve met, and the stories they’ve shared, MacroAdventure are back in London ready to grow their incredible network of global game-changers.

Read about the final stages of their journey and the top lessons learnt from the world's most innovative social entrepreneurs: [ Link ]
The negative consequences of working from home in the garment industry include neglect, isolation and extreme exploitation.

Read about the company working to ending exploitation in the global garment trade: [ Link ]
“Forgiveness is the fastest route to peace and happiness” - Richard Branson: [ Link ]
As with any issue, we tend to only care when we’ve been impacted and see the bigger picture from an up-close and personal perspective.

So, why should we reform our global attitudes towards cannabis? Because it affects all of us. Read more: [ Link ]
Having travelled across 22,000 miles over eight months, and having met and interviewed over 75 incredible entrepreneurs, MacroAdventure have collected almost as many lessons about life and entrepreneurship as they have number of miles travelled.

Read part one of their final Virgin Unite blog - Now we’ve finished, it’s time to get started: [ Link ]
If you had the opportunity to help restore one of the world's biggest ecosystems, would you take it? [ Link ]
Join Dock to Dish on their mission to protect the ocean and our wild seafood resources.

We believe the ocean is everyone's business – let's get to work: [ Link ]
Introducing the non-profit social enterprise that now equips over 400 marginalised girls and women with digital cameras, sparking the conversation on women’s empowerment worldwide: [ Link ]
“If we can invite people to come and laugh then we have a shot of helping them think differently about stuff.”

Why comedy is the answer when you’ve got something serious to say: [ Link ]
According to the United Nations, there are now more than 21 million refugees worldwide. Turkey hosts 2.5 million refugees, Lebanon 1.1 million. What’s more, those camps are overcrowded, which puts immense strain on their infrastructure.

Read about the project that enables refugees to earn money by collecting recyclable waste in the camps: [ Link ] #100solutions