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Wow, freshies all around Colorado with storms continuing throughout the next week! Get that POW!
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Happy Friday! With all of this snow hitting the state, your #PHOTOFRIDAY challenge is "Snowy Colorado". Share your favorite CO winter pics!

Photo from Instagrammer @grahamjphoto
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Want to see why Fort Collins is also known as Fort Fun? You should definitely put these events and festivals on your calendar!

7 Fort Collins Events to Put on Your Calendar NOW
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Fun article from The Denver Ear showing off some great CO pics, let us know which is your favorite, and if you have your own "Colorado Love" pic share them!

Psst... 25 Photos of Colorado Love
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Looking for new ways to enjoy the Colorado outdoors this winter? You need to try a hut trip!

Colorado Hut Trips for Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing
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For some the weekend continues, for others it was just the standard two-days, but one thing is for sure - there was so much to do!

SHOUTOUT: Check out these pics from #ColoradoLive fans and share your weekend adventures.
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β€œI slept under the moonlight and set my soul free, caged within jars like fireflies" ― Prajakta Mhadnak

Photo from Instagrammer @brookelynnbart
Happy Friday! You #PHOTOFRIDAY theme is "fan choice", so share your best/favorite CO pics with us!

Photo from Instagrammer @coloradomtnlife
Mountain views & craft beer, what a combo! Craft Beer Week is a few weeks away, so grab your gear and get ready! Click for festival schedules & other beer goodness: [ Link ]

SHOUTOUT: What's your favorite CO beer/brewery?
Talk about a relaxing road trip, check out this Washington Post article on the Colorado hot springs loop!

SHOUTOUT: Which of our springs is your favorite for a soak?

The Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop makes it easy to plan a visit β€” and a long soak
Looking for your next favorite lodging? We have you covered with everything from romantic hot springs stays to nature getaways!

Find the Best Colorado Winter Lodging For You
Wow, 70s-80 on the front range, powder in the mountains, what a weekend for a wide array of Colorado adventure!

SHOUTOUT: What did you do with your CO weekend?
"There's never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same." -Carlos Santana

Photo from Copper Mountain
Another sunny Friday is here! Your #PHOTOFRIDAY challenge is "unexpected winter fun", so let's see your favorite unexpected CO winter fun pics!

Photo from 59 Parks in 52 Weeks
Ski in the morning, bike in the afternoon! Boulder has a surprising range of things to do all winter long, just check out this list of ideas for a perfect winter getaway.

Boulder: The Unexpected Winter Destination
There's so much to do in Colorado besides just skiing/snowboarding during the winter!

SHOUTOUT: What's your favorite CO winter activity off of the slopes?

Winter Activities in Colorado Beyond the Ski Slopes
So much adventure to be had, so little time! Check out what the #ColoradoLive fans were up to this weekend, Colorado weekends are simply amazing!

SHOUTOUT: What adventures did you get up to on your CO weekend? (bonus for pics)
As part of their year long trip, the 59 Parks in 52 Weeks team stopped in Rocky Mountain National Park recently, their photos are incredible!

Rocky Mountain National Park
"We who are gathered here may represent a particularly elite, not of money and power, but of concern for the earth for the earth’s sake.” -Ansel Adams

Photo from 59 Parks in 52 Weeks