Visit Holland
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Foodie Tip: Don't forget that you have until April to taste those delicious Zeeland oysters! [ Link ]
Rest in peace, Dick Bruna
Piet Mondriaan and Bart van der Leck are two world famous icons who stood at the foundation of De Stijl and were moreover two close friends. Learn everything about their iconic work and friendship at the Gemeentemuseum. [ Link ]
Tag someone who you would like to put in a traditional Dutch clog.

Did you know that in the Middle Ages, when Amsterdam and Rotterdam were still tiny settlements, the Hansa towns such as Kampen, Zwolle and Deventer were the leading cities when it comes to international trade. [ Link ]
Did you know that the province Flevoland in Holland lies almost twenty feet below sea level? [ Link ]
You can learn everything about Holland's history when you pay a visit to the biggest war museum where you can find more than 150 military vehicles and airplanes. [ Link ]
Looking for a traditional Dutch object from the world famous Dutch design duo Kranen/Gille? Head to the Holland Webshop to discover some of them! [ Link ]
Ahh.... Holland ❤

Ever wanted to discover the early works of Van Gogh and how he started to paint? Don't forget to discover the exhibition "The early Van Gogh" as the exhibition runs until April. [ Link ]
Amersfoort oozes medieval character. Have you been?
Tulips and flower lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to Flora Holland, the greatest flower market in the world where more than 20 million tulips and flowers per day are sold. [ Link ]
Medieval city lovers should head to Doesburg where they can discover many traditional shops and plenty of culinary treats. [ Link ]
Tag someone you would like to take on a romantic trip to Amsterdam on Valentine's Day
It was exactly 73 years ago that one of the world's biggest modern painters passed away. A superb painter, world citizen, innovator and pioneer of De Stijl. This animation is an ode to Piet Mondriaan by Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
Amsterdam's layout is determined by its canals.
Have you seen the largest collection of Frans Hals paintings in the world? [ Link ]
Brian wants to know "Is 4 days too much for an Amsterdam trip?" - how many days would you recommend and what activities would you suggest?
Holland is a flat country making it the perfect place for cycling even if your bike skills are a little rusty.