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Did you know that King Willem-Alexander was the first Dutch King in 123 years, ending a female reign that spanned three generations?
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The Dutch island of Texel is a great place to go beachcombing.
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Are you planning a trip to Keukenhof this year?
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If you were going to live in one of the Cube Houses, how would you design the interior?
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These 5000 year old passage graves are the emblem of the Dutch province of: D _ E _ T _ _
Have you ever been to Den Bosch? The city is full of cultural highlights, such as this gorgeous cathedral.
Caviar from North Brabant: yes, it actually exists, and it’s called Anna Royal Dutch Caviar! [ Link ]
What makes Amsterdam so attractive?
Have you ever been ice skating in Holland? We'd love to see your photos!
The charms of Marken, with its characteristic houses and costumes, are likely to steal your heart.
Do you own a Delft pottery collection?
The 100th anniversary of the Dutch artistic movement called De Stijl (The Style) will be celebrated in 2017 with numerous exhibitions and events all over the country. [ Link ]
Amsterdam is full of world-famous sights. Which one is your favorite?
Have you seen the largest collection of Frans Hals paintings in the world? [ Link ]
How did you start off the New Year? Here in Holland, some people took to the water!
Hands up...who has "eat more poffertjes" on their 2017 resolutions list?
Getting lost in the streets of Amsterdam is never boring...
Creepy huh? Did you know that Robert Ripley travelled to 201 countries and collected more than 500 amazing artifacts? Curious to find out what he collected? Visit Ripley's Amsterdam and you definitely won't regret it, Believe It or not! [ Link ]
Do you prefer your oliebollen with or without currants?