Wondering through Japan's street markets is an experience not to be missed - the range of goods on sale and the unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells will draw you in and transport you into another world. Read on to find out the top 10 street markets in Japan!

The 10 best street markets in Japan

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Need another tasty Japanese cooking project for this weekend? Learn how to make temaki sushi rolls with this easy-to-follow guide!

Anyone can make it! How To Make Temaki Sushi (Hand-Rolled Sushi)

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Have you spotted our new competition? Don't miss your chance to bag an incredible trip for two to some of Japan's best locations! Our lucky winner will be jetting off with All Nippon Airways, who pride themselves on providing 5-star inflight service inspired by the ethos of Omotenashi (selfless hospitality), before spending six days exploring Tokyo and Okinawa.

Win a trip to Japan!

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If you needed any more convincing that 2017 should be the year you finally visit Japan, check out these absolutely stunning photos from Dutch blogger Lotte!

38 Pictures To Convince You To Visit Japan

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Not just singing - enjoy karaoke with a difference in these 5 state-of-the-art karaoke booths in Tokyo. From surround sound with dual monitors to rental instruments and cosplay karaoke - these zany additions are sure to liven up your singing session even more!

5 State-of-the-Art Karaoke Boxes in Tokyo – Not Just for Singing!

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Would you like to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the colourful streets of Tokyo and the beautiful beaches of Okinawa? Of course you would! Over the next four weeks, we'll be asking a series of daily questions. For your chance to win, simply answer as many as you can!

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Heading to Nara for a rendez-vous with the giant golden Buddha and Nara Parks' famous friendly deer? Make sure to get this App before you go! Download it here →[ Apple.com Link ]

Nara Audio Guide on the App Store

Craving karaage but on a New Year budget clamp-down? Learn to make these juicy morsels of poultry perfection yourself at home with this quick and easy-to-follow video from Japanese food and recipes website "Taste of Japan"!

Karaage (deep-fried chicken)

Seasoned chicken is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Drain the marinated chicken before frying is the key for crispy taste.

Sengan-en is a traditional Japanese garden and stately home that has been passed down in the Shimadzu family for over 350 years. The garden boasts spectacular views of active volcano Sakurajima, and the house provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of a powerful feudal lord. Watch this exciting video of Yabusame (horseback archery) held at Sengan-en in September 2016 to celebrate 1 year since...
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Zen culture, ancient samurai, and picturesque sea views are just some of the attractions of these top 5 self-guided walking tours of Japan's eastern ancient capital of Kamakura

Our 5 Favorite Tours in Kamakura | All About Japan

Get your fill of moss, mystic and Mononoke at Yakushima's Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine...

Moss, Mystic and Mononoke at Yakushima's Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine | ANA EXPERIENCE JAPAN

Take a virtual tour of Tokyo with this video - Sensoji, Shibuya scramble crossing, the Imperial Palace, Meiji Jingu shrine, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Edo Museum, the robot show and more. Share your videos of Tokyo below and we'll share the most Liked one on our page!

The Dragon Trip | Tokyo

The Dragon Trip | Tokyo Hey guys! It's been a while but I'm back! While I've been away I visited Japan! Check out Part 1 of my epic adventure around Tokyo wi...

Literally: Not knowing is Buddha.
Meaning: Ignorance is bliss. / What you don't know can't hurt you.
Photo: Usuki Stone Buddhas in Oita prefecture
Varied menus with great ambience and delicious veggie food make these 8 vegetarian restaurants in Shibuya more than worth stopping by whether you are a vegetarian or not!

8 Restaurants in Shibuya with Vegetarian Options | tsunagu Japan

Ancient temples and the finest green tea feature strongly in this itinerary for a day out in the town of Uji, a green tea paradise 30 minutes from Kyoto.

Uji: A Tea Paradise in Kyoto Enjoy matcha, see distinguished temples, and visit a beautiful reservoir on this one-day itinerary | ANA EXPERIENCE JAPAN

A little light relief to help you out on this, the first Monday back after Christmas. Watch Nyango Starr, a mascot from Aomori prefecture, drumming to the notoriously difficult "Kurenai" by legendary Japanese rock band X Japan

Aomori mascot shows no fear in front of legendary X Japan drummer Yoshiki【Video】

Happy New Year!
Rice cakes became a special new year's treat in Japan centuries ago in the Heian period (794-1185). Nowadays storebought ones are very popular, but pounding rice to make ricecakes is still a traditional new year activity in many communities in Japan.

左#6「謹賀新年」/ HIDALI#6 "A HAPPY NEW YEAR"

www.hidali.jp contact at: contact@hidali.jp choreographer: HIDALI dancer: Aoi(Pin☆Blue) BOO Ken-ichi TAKABO りょうめん(izer!) Yapp.I.Am YOoKO YUTA(9stepper'z!!) m...

Happy New Year!
Enjoy these hip-hop grannies throwing some serious shapes to "24K Magic" from Bruno Mars’ new album. We hope your 2017 is truly magical!

Hip hop trio dance to Bruno Mars' 24K Magic, teach us all that age is no barrier to anything【Vid】

Feeling in need of some winter sun? With their white sands and blue seas and skies, these top 3 island destinations in Okinawa are sure to cure the winter blues!

The Top 3 Spots for Island Hopping on Okinawa

Clueless about kaiseki (a style of traditional Japanese cuisine featuring a series of small, intricately-prepared dishes)? Here are 5 recommended places to get you started

Five Recommended Authentic Kaiseki Restaurants Around Japan