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Last week, we visited the Ise Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture. With the loveliest guides from the Kaito Yumin Club, we walked through the sacred forest at Ise Jingu, Japan's most sacred shrine, ate delicious foods and met local craftsmen at Okage Yokocho (an area of beautiful, Edo period style wooden shops), met the amazing Ama divers (free diving women whose average age is now around...
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What's even cooler than samurai? Samurai doing extreme sports in full battle armour, of course!!

Samurai in full armor doing extreme sports has passersby, internet watching in awe【Video】

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Can't get enough of these delicious deep-fried octopus balls from Osaka? Make your Osaka experience complete with a trip to one (or all!) of these 8 top takoyaki places!

Top 8 Takoyaki Shops to Make Your Osaka Experience Complete | tsunagu Japan

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We were tempted to keep this one to ourselves... But if you're looking for a beautiful, untouched destination near Kyoto, Shiga is Japan's next-big-thing. Check out these stunning photos for proof!

Perfect for a day trip from Kyoto! 10 Beautiful Spots Surrounded by Nature in Shiga | tsunagu Japan

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Last year, Tsuta made headlines after becoming the world's 1st Michelin-starred ramen restaurant. This year it was announced that Tokyo-based Nakiryu would be the 2nd Japanese ramen restaurant to receive a star.
So tell us, would you queue for world-class ramen?

Second ramen restaurant in Tokyo receives Michelin star for 2017

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Whether you like enjoying the great outdoors on holiday, or you're simply a Princess Mononoke fan, otherworldly UNESCO World Heritage listed Yakushima island is one of the best stops you can make on your Japan holiday. Hike the wooden trails of Yakusugi land to see some of the world's oldest cedar trees, go diving to spot giant turtles and coral reefs, enjoy the cheeky monkeys you'll encounter...
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Winter in Eastern Hokkaido is your ticket to adventure. After you've had your fill of Tokyo, catch a 105-minute flight from Haneda Airport to a more distant place where you can experience nature like no other - the wilderness of wintry Eastern Hokkaido awaits!
[ Ana-exjapan.com Link ]
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Go to sleep in the city, wake up in the snow! A direct bus service will run from Haneda Airport to Hakuba this ski season (Dec 17 – Mar 5), making your journey to the slopes even easier!
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Now the mercury is dropping it's the ideal time to experience a Japanese hot spring bath - why not try one of these 8 recommended hot spring resorts in Nagano prefecture?

8 Recommended Hot Springs Areas in Nagano | tsunagu Japan

This 1-day bus tour has got to be the most hassle-free way to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites Shirakawa-go and Takayama! Departures every Fri/Sat/Sun winter 2017, costing just 8,000 Yen pp including lunch - what are you waiting for?
Experience authentic Okinawa on Taketomi Island, with traditional red-roofed Okinawan houses, beautiful beaches and sunsets, and magical starry skies. What are you waiting for - take a trip to paradise!

Make an Overnight Stay in Taketomi Island and Enjoy Genuine Okinawa!

Toyota's Rent a Car website is now in English, so it's now even easier than ever to explore those farflung places you've been dreaming of getting to - or even just cruise the city in style! [ Toyota.co.jp Link ]
Add to your ramen repertoire with Afuri's lighter yuzu ramen! There are even vegan, tsukemen (dipping) and spicy varieties!

Afuri's Mouthwatering 'Yuzu' Ramen | All About Japan

Air France and KLM are currently offering flights from Heathrow to Osaka or Tokyo for under £480 return as part of their Black Friday bargains. The prices are good until November 28th, so grab them before they're gone! [ Seejapan.co.uk Link ]
A visit to the "Devil's Washboard" rock formation, Aoshima beach and shrine, and original chicken namban make for a perfect daytrip itinerary in sunny Miyazaki in southeast Kyushu!

A Fantastic View Created by Miyazaki’s Nature, Known as “Ogre’s Washboard”

Enjoy the fabulous rural scenery on these top 7 local train lines in Hokkaido

Enjoy the Spectacular Scenery of Hokkaido on these 7 Local Railway Lines | tsunagu Japan

Did you know that there are 100s of reconstructed castles in Japan, but only 12 originals? Visit one of them in Matsue, Shimane prefecture

Matsue Castle: A City's National Treasure

The Mayor of Beppu City, famed for its hot springs, has pledged to build a hot spring theme park if their new video goes viral. So tell us - would you go to such a theme park?

Japanese mayor pledges to open onsen amusement park if this hilarious video gets a million views

Every 7 years the men of Onabashira in Nagano cut down and ride a 20 metre, 10 ton, 200 year-old fir tree from the top to the bottom of the mountain in one of Japan's most exciting and daredevil festivals

Onbashira-sai: One of Japan's Oldest Festivals Has Lasted for Thousands of Years