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Centre Place, one of Melbourne's iconic laneways. Can you see why it's likened to Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter films?

We all know which came first!
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These fall mornings over the Yarra Valley with Global Ballooning Australia. Who wishes they had this basket view right now?
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It's the first day of the regular AFL season in Australia! Have you visited the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)?
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If you watch one video today or this week, please make it this one. You will be amazed.

The Great Ocean Road Trip by @matjoez
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Thanks for the visit, Adele! We've loved having you in our city!

Adele visits the Neighbours set while touring Melbourne
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Autumn equinox in Melbourne means scenes like this are on their way! Where would you head for an March stroll in Melbourne?

(Photo: Petra Bensted, Flickr)
The doormen at William Ricketts Sanctuary earlier this week. They asked about when your next visit is going to be.
Autumn equinox is almost here, but we can't resist sharing one last summer beach shot from Gippsland.
Decisions today on Wilsons Prom: Norman Beach (right) or Squeaky Beach (left).

Which beach would have won your morning?
This week summarised in 10 seconds. Sunny and 27 degrees. Perfect Puffing Billy Railway weather.
"The Great Ocean Road. Its name alone sounds leagues cooler than any of the world's bucket-list road trips. And that's before you've even begun to appreciate the vast beaches, towering limestone cliffs, and sparkling eucalyptus forests that make this Australian coast road so special."

The drive of your life on the Great Ocean Road
Right now on a Global Ballooning Australia flight over the Yarra Valley!
Less than three weeks until the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Who would love to be sipping a glass of vino by the Yarra River next month?
Night falling on our city just hours ago. Can you spot Flinders Street Station?
Hosier Lane today, captured while you were sleeping. When was the last time you walked between these walls?
Right now in Melbourne. We're sending this lovely Saturday in your direction.
Whale watching, surfing, swimming with dolphins, cruising the Yarra River... what else can you add to this list?

7 spectacular water activities possible in Victoria
White Night Ballarat was certainly a success! See you next year for it?