BuzzFeed is on it! Here are 52 #Swedish meals not to miss!

52 Delicious Swedish Meals You Need To Try Before You Die
Forbes went to #Sweden and the ambiance around lunch left a memorable mark...have you had a similar experience?

Why A Simple Lunch In Sweden Was The Most Memorable Meal Of The Summer
Travelocity knows! Here are 6 things to try when in #Copenhagen:

6 Things You Have to Try When You’re in Copenhagen
Happy Friday from SAVEUR Magazine! Get into the weekend mood with this #Swedish treat, indulging in just the right amount of chocolate:

Swedish "Gooey" Chocolate Cake (Kladdkaka)
If you have thought about traveling to #Norway and see the iconic Pulpit Rock, we'd suggest taking a peek at this advise. Great photos, too!

Cruising from Stavanger to Pulpit Rock through Norway’s Lysefjord
Kjeragfossen, one of the tallest waterfall plunges in the world, is in the same area as #Norway's iconic Pulpit Rock. Either angle gives a majestic view straight into Lysefjord. Have you ever been?

Photo credit: IG by @janvincentkleine
The land of a thousand lakes...we love this one from #Finland and wish we could spend the entire fall there. Have you ever been?
#Denmark has dozens of castles dotted around the country and Rosenborg Castle in #Copenhagen is just stunning. Featuring 400 years of splendor, this is one to visit. Have you ever been?

Photo credit: IG by @eduviero
Happy Friday! May your weekend bring peaceful scenery like this this one from Karlskoga in #Sweden. This town is only a couple of hour train ride from Gothenburg and ideal for outdoor activities.

Photo credit: IG by @wisslaren
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#Finland in review from last week..which one is your favorite?
Happy Friday, let's go camping! #Bergen is known for its Hanseatic architecture, the fish market and being Norway's gateway to the fjords...but you don't have to venture far to find this either Have you ever been to Bergen?

Photo credit: IG @servoss
The #Stockholm subway system is truly something else, being the longest art exhibitions in the world! Have you ever been?

Instagram photo by Visit Stockholm • Sep 13, 2016 at 5:26pm UTC
Did you know #Denmark is a beach destination in the summertime? With its 4,350 miles long coastline, this clip wonderfully displays what it looks like:
Have you thought about watching the Northern Lights in #Finland this year? Here's a little preview on what it looks like and how to go about:

Inari, Finland Has Crazy Northern Lights
Have you ever tried this iconic hike in #Norway? To get a peek, follow Visit Norway's trip today and see what it's like!
This is the kind of color coordination we support! The Danes love their bikes, and this one is captured in #Aarhus which is considered one of the best cities in the world for biking. Have you ever been?

Photo credit: IG by @krasnianska
From around #Finland this week...are you planning on going this year?