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Instagram user has found the perfect place to catch a sunrise. Now let's see your favorite places around the OBX! Share your photos (and find some other gorgeous areas to explore) using #OBXPhotoFriday.
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The Outer Banks is home to several distinguishing lighthouses, but the most recognizable of them all just may be the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Discover why it holds a place on our OBX Top 10 List!

Visit a postcard come to life at Cape Hatteras!
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There's a chair in the sand with your name on it - and these off-season getaway deals make your stay even more affordable.

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Once you fall in love with the Outer Banks, it keeps drawing you to come back for more. What makes OBX home to you? #OuterBanksSoul
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The world changed when the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight here 114 years ago, putting Kitty Hawk on the map and this destination on the OBX Top 10 list!

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Love is a sunny day on the Outer Banks. Tag someone you'd love to spend the day here with! (: Christie R.)
Every early morning should start like this. Let's see your best shots of Outer Banks skies! Thanks for getting us started, Diane L.!
There's no shortage of adventures on the Outer Banks. Stay on top of them all!

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Over the next several weeks, we're giving you a sneak peek at the top ten things to do on the Outer Banks. Have you ever flown a kite on the East Coast's largest sand dune?

Soar high at Jockey's Ridge!
Do you recognize this romantic inn by the beach? Catch a glimpse of it while making some unforgettable memories of your own this Valentine's Day.

Discover the most romantic places on the Outer Banks!
When the groundhog says six more weeks of winter, that's plenty of time to get here.

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Love (and a little salt) is in the air! Sneak away to a secluded place on the sand this Valentine's Day.

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Thucydides said many years ago, โ€œShipbuilding and seafaring are exacting arts and should not be practiced casually.โ€ The boat crews at Bayliss Boatworks live by those words, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into each one of their custom Carolina fishing yachts creating one-of-a-kind, functional works of art.
Our time as Travel Channel's Destination of the Month for January 2017 is almost up, but you can always stay in touch!

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Finding your place on the sand ... Getting there is half the fun! Share your favorite spots to soak up the sun in the comments and all over social media using #OBXPhotoFriday. Thanks for getting us started with a great view, Andrew C.!
It's been an honor to be the Travel Channel's Destination of the Month for January 2017. We hope you'll accept our open invitation to explore, to see unknown outcomes, to challenge curiosity and make the Outer Banks your destination of a lifetime.
Stuck in the snow, dreaming of the sand? The Outer Banks are calling your name!

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