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It's #NationalPuppyDay, which means we're celebrating ways to live the life with your favorite four-legged friend(s). Do you and your pup have a favorite VB spot?

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We're lucky to be surrounded by the beauty (and healing nature) of our waterways on #WorldWaterDay -- and every day.

What's your favorite way to experience the water?

Wellness by the Water | The Daily Life
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We're back behind the scenes at Esoteric, and this time, we're keeping things savory with the Pork Chop. This delicious dish is a must!
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Spring is in full bloom in gorgeous VB style! We hope our homemade Pungo bouquet inspires your season. Happy spring!
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Tee up! A little competition, delicious food and good company makes for the perfect Saturday outing.

A Tee for Every Type | The Daily Life
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Find your pot of gold. We happened to find ours in the form of sweets. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We'll be tucked away exploring our locals' handcrafted beauties.
We love hearing about your stories and experiences! Thank you, Todd Sechel Studio LLC, for reaching out and sharing your spontaneous visit with us. We're glad you had the chance to enjoy the off-season perks. Happy travels to all!

Offseason... Virginia Beach
The "Luck of the Irish" is hitting the Resort Beach this weekend, and we can't wait to celebrate. Lace up your running shoes, because it's going to be a rockin' good time!

A Shamrock’n Weekend | The Daily Life
Nestled within ​our​ ViBe Creative District​, Esoteric is serving up European-influenced dishes using local ingredients, while dedicating its space ​to the art of food, beverage and conversation. We'll toast to that!

Meet the Chef: Esoteric | The Daily Life
Sundays are dedicated to relaxation. How are you spending your day?
Weekend, you treat us so well.
Climb aboard, explorers! We're eager to dive in and learn more about these fascinating aquatic animals at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.
We can't wait to spring forward this Sunday! While it’s easy to feel like we’re losing an hour by winding our clocks forward, we prefer to look forward to the extra hour of sun that will soon be tacked onto the end of each day. How will you enjoy it?

How to Spend an Extra Hour of Daylight in VB | The Daily Life
As the clouds drifted away, and the sun beamed from above, today's oyster-farm tour became one for the books.
To help you get through your case of spring fever, we’re keeping score on the arrival of spring by sharing some marina madness.

Marina Madness | The Daily Life
We're dreaming and reminiscing today. Tell us about one of your favorite Virginia Beach memories!
Our time with our gentle giant friends will be over before we know it -- there's less than a month left until they begin migrating to colder waters. We highly recommend getting out there to catch a glimpse of the magnificence!
Sailing through the week! What plans are you looking forward to this weekend in VB?