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Red cottages and a treehouse in Swedish Lapland. Thanks Steve Robertshaw for the photos! [ Link ]
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Follow in the footsteps of Scandinavia's top TV detectives on a trip through sunny Sweden

Follow in footsteps of top Scandi TV detectives on trip through sunny Sweden
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Our PR manager Steve is travelling around Swedish Lapland this week and sent us this cool photo of rare and unusual ice ball formations washed ashore after a storm in the Baltic Sea near Skellefteå.
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This weekend it's the World Cup in cross-country skiing in Ulricehamn, West Sweden including Gothenburg. Will you be there? [ Link ]

FIS Cross-Country World Cup Ulricehamn 2017
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Is it time to ditch the New Year diets yet?! Why not head to the Chef’s Table at ICEHOTEL to feast on their incredible 7-course 'ice' menu and discover the flavours of Swedish Lapland.

The Chef's Table at Icehotel - Swedish Lapland
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Our take on 'blue Monday'!
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8 things you must do in Sweden [ Link ] Photo Michael Jonsson/Folio/ via Wanderlust travel magazine
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Love the Nordics? Nordic Matters opens this weekend at Southbank Centre in London! Find out what’s happening in Nordic art and culture, our lifestyle, food, communal singing, hygge and saunas.

Nordic Matters | Southbank Centre
This is just too exciting! Say hello to the Princess Semla! Two of our favourite Swedish cakes, the Semla and the Princess cake, combined into one. Has anyone tried it already?
Åre, Vemdalen and Sälen in AOL Travel UK's top resorts for family skiing in Norway and Sweden list [ Link ]
And you can now fly direct to Åre Östersund from Gatwick London :-)
Looking for a different adventure this year to make 2017 truly memorable? Head to Swedish Lapland - The call of the wild on an incredible husky sledding trip of a lifetime where crisp white landscapes await you. [ Link ]

The Call of the Wild - dog sledding in Swedish Lapland
These were our best nine photos over on Instagram during 2016 ❤ Thanks for following us! [ Link ]
Happy Christmas! God Jul!
Photo Helena Wahlman/
Today is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, but in Swedish Lapland it’s one of the very best times to view the Northern Lights with a surge of aurora activity expected.

Check into Abisko National Park, statistically one of the world’s best places to view them.
[ Link ]

Looking for the northern lights - Swedish Lapland
Another cute mini shop has popped up in Malmö :-)
Top places to see the northern lights and awesome places to stay in Swedish Lapland

Top 10 cool places to see the northern lights - Swedish Lapland
Dreaming of a white Christmas ? There’s a guaranteed crystal white Christmas every year in Swedish Lapland!

[ Link ]

Celebrate Christmas at Camp Ripan in Kiruna