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For helping us grow in every way, thank you to mums everywhere.
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How to keep your customers happy and business booming: [ Link ]

5 ways to give better customer service
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If you had 30 seconds to pitch your product, what would you say? These tips will help you be ready when your moment arrives: [ Link ]

5 elements of the perfect pitch
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It’s all well and good setting ourselves goals, but sharing them makes it harder to put them on the back burner – and much easier to get help from others. Who will you share your goals with? [ Link ]

Share your goals
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The best way to make goals “sticky” is to break them down into bite-sized chunks and actionable steps, so you’re more likely to progress. Get tips on how to do it here: [ Link ]

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve put together a special piece about women who’ve changed the world, today and throughout history. #BeBoldforChange [ Link ]

International Women's Day
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