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​ You would have a very hard time arguing that Logan Martin isn’t currently the best contest rider in the world. Aside from his undeniable natural talent, Logan also lives the life of a true professional athlete. We caught up with Logan and got an insight into the lifestyle that keeps him on top of the podium.

Logan Martin on Health, Fitness, Mentality, and More
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Four minutes of hot clips by Ryan Jordan, Rob Darden, and Seth Klinger for the lens of Christian Rigal from a recent Pusher bmx shop trip in Colorado. All awesome riding and definitely the best Klinger footage we've seen in a while!

Biz, Darden, and Klinger in Colorado VIDEO
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The Russian technician Kostya Andreev will not be riding for Vans in 2017 -

Kostya Andreev off Vans
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Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Kris Fox, and Corey Walsh visit Vancouver in search of the best transition to shred. Wondering if they come out on top? The list of names should be a dead giveaway. Click play!

Sergio Layos, Dan Foley, Kris Fox, & Corey Walsh in Vancouver
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We have some serious Broc Raiford / Dan's Comp fire coming your way very soon. Here are a few hot clips that didn't make the final cut. Stay tuned!
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Live in Costa Rica? Come check out Kenneth Tencio "pollis"' new park this Saturday! He'll be there. We'll be there. The Mongoose Bicycles team will be there. It's going to be rad!

10Cio Park Grand Opening - 1/22 in Costa Rica
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Watch as Cory Foust shreds Austin's House Park, the old T-1 ramp, and more to celebrate the Profile Racing and Native handcrafted leather goods collaboration -

Cory Foust - Profile X Native Collab
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Next up on the list for Eastern Bikes' weekly giveaway for the month of January is a set of Squealer tires!

Eastern Squealer Tires Giveaway
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The guys over at Dan's Comp share their top three ways on how to install a pair of grips -

How To Install Grips with Dan's Comp
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In the market for a new high-end frame? We sit down with Connor Lodes to take a close look at his newly released signature Kink BMX frame, the Redwood. Click below to learn everything about it, as well as check out his personal bike setup!

Inside Connor Lodes New Signature Kink Frame
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Calvin Kosovich gets the bump up to the Kink BMX pro team for 2017! They celebrate with this new vid featuring Calvin ripping up the streets of Southern California. Check it out!

Calvin Kosovich Joins the Kink Pro Team
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Mike Varga lands the first-ever 1260 and a 900 tailwhip, plus many more ridiculous variations in this new Monster Energy video! Stop what you're doing and watch this!

Mike Varga - First 1260 & 900 Whip!
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Kick back to enjoy the smooth and technical section of Dan Foley as seen in the Madera 10 Year Mixtape!

Dan Foley for Madera
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Over 4-minutes of never-before-seen street clips of Chad Kerley. No other words needed!

Chad Kerley - Raw Street Clips
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From dressing as construction workers, the crashes, and everything else in-between, this 31-minute documentary gives you a truly interesting look into what transpired during Sebastian Keep's incredible wallride journey throughout the UK -

Sebastian Keep - The Story Behind the Walls Project
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After two years, video footage has finally arrived from Sebastian Keep's "Walls" project. Watch as Sebastian takes ramps and creates some of the craziest wallrides the UK has ever seen, including the deadly Croydon spot that scored him a magazine cover in 2015. It should go without saying, but this is a must-watch!

Red Bull Sebastian Keep Fan Page.

Sebastian Keep - Walls Video
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Raw, East Coast street riding on some carefully thought out spots by a dude that works at Kink BMX. It doesn't get any more BMX than this.

Ryan Cork - Hacksaw 2017
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What's your dream trick? Tell us in the Vital BMX Forum!

Forum: Dream Trick?
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Take an up close look at Vital BMX member JudeBmx's Colony BMX Alex Hiam Sweet Tooth build.

JudeBmx's Colony Sweet Tooth
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Frontflips on spines, superman flips on step-downs, barspin to footjams on sub rails, and more!