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Mother's Day weekend is almost here! Don't forget to change your social media cover pictures - we have one for Facebook and one for Twitter!

Mother's Week of Action | whitelies
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Meat offers no benefits and harms our health. With the meat-free market booming, it has never been easier to cut meat out of the diet. Here are 10 easy ways to eliminate meat from the diet...

Read more on the Viva!Health:

10 ways to cut out meat
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We're asking people to ditch milk this Mother's Day. This is why:
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The Ecologist reveals secret plans to shoot feral cats in Scotland with shotguns. Tell them no!

"Documents released to Wildcat Haven reveal the secret plans of the Scottish Wildcat Action Plan - funded by taxpayers and the National Lottery - to kill trapped feral cats by shooting them in the head with shotguns."

Read more: [ Link ]

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Scotland's secret cat slaughter revealed in FOI documents
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Boots vegan sarnie
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On Mother’s Day, we show appreciation for all the hard work, love and care our mothers have shown us over the years. But there are millions of mothers who can never express these nurturing instincts because their babies are snatched away from them after birth. They need your help.

Mother's Week of Action | whitelies
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This is great news Pizza Express... looks fab! Lots of people love vegan cheese so it would be great to have that option too :)

Pizza Express are now doing a three-course vegan menu
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Meet the Gwilliams!

Emily Gwilliam and her family have opened their hearts to hens. These gorgeous pictures show Emily's two daughters hugging their rescued hens - who are very much part of the family.

Thank you Emily and family for sending us in these pictures, and for treating hens with the compassion they deserve!

Send your pics to


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Veganism grows by 360 per cent in Britain and David Haye, Novak Djokovic and Venus Williams are among athletes that are choosing to go meat-free!

Veganism grows by 360 per cent in Britain
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Loving the new vegan menu at Zizzi! Hand crafted, melting Italian vegan cheese and vegan chocolate torte to die for!! Keep up the great work
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New blogger credits Viva! for playing a part in helping her go vegan – after she watched our shocking, current undercover footage of how animals are treated on British farms.

She said: "EARTHLINGS (I found it on YOUTUBE certificate 18) I kind of thought (hoped) was out dated (2005), then I found VIVA they are UK based and obtain stats that are current. Bam .... it really is as bad as...
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Viva! Health‘s Veronika Powell shows us that we can get all the calcium our bodies need from a vegan diet.

Read more:

More on calcium:

Better bone health: the truth behind the dairy myth
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PLEASE SHARE: adorable belly rubs! Viva!'s Founder & Director, Juliet Gellatley, visits the piglets (now nine weeks old!) she saved from slaughter.

Safe in their forever home at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, Tom Rocket, Mia Snuffles and co enjoy cuddles and belly rubs as Mum Hope Apple Blossom looks on approvingly!

For the full dose of cute watch at:
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Our podcast producer, Kris is going to be interviewing vegan rapper Official Grey Music this Wednesday for the next Viva! radio show and we want your questions, what would you like us to ask him?

Go to , click on our SpeakPipe link to the right of the screen and record your question, it's as easy as that!

And if you haven't check out his vegan thanksgiving tune yet, click below. Thank you!

Grey - Vegan Thanksgiving (Official Music Video)

Directed by Chase Walker Prod. By Remix God Suede Download Vegan Thanksgiving: Download Vegan Thanksgiving (Clean):

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WELL DONE Lisa Stevens on Instagram, you're our #VivaVeganistaWeeklyWinner with Viva! and Vegan Recipe Club

Our judges chose you as you created such an original dish, beautifully presented and packed with yummy flavours

Don't forget that all you need to do to enter our comp is to tag your vegan dish with #VivaVeganista... simple!
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Help us spread awareness of the plight of dairy cows this Mother's Day! Change your social media cover images for this week - available from: - and order your leaflet pack!
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Make a stand with us and change your Facebook and Twitter cover image in the run up to this year's Mother's Day.

Click on the link to download the images and see what else you can do to help these gentle yet abused mothers.
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The 5:2 Diet is back in the news. It does work so if you know any one who needs to lose weight - here is it vegan style. [ Link ]
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This Simon Amstell film truly is an incredible achievement and out on BBC iPlayer from 9pm today.

It's gentle, funny and non-judgemental but conveys a very powerful and urgent message in a way that non-vegans will be able to hear.

A must watch for all!

Simon Amstell has made the world's first pro-vegan comedy that's actually funny
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We hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend like these guys!

P.s. New video and photos coming next week of the piglets rescued with their Mum by Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. :)

Follow their adventures at