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Once you make one thing bigger than the other, one thing small, one thing big, one thing high, one thing low, one thing divine, another thing filthy then you miss the whole point of existence. So, the essence of #education is to enhance your perception in such a way that you’re able to perceive a blade of grass being as important as the coconut tree. It’s not less important. It’s different,...
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Raising Children: A School Where Learning Is Fun
In the tradition of the kings in this country, there are Suryavamshis and Chandravamshis – descendants of the sun and descendants of the moon. They are distinctly different types of people.

Mahabharat Ep2: The Origin of the Chandravamshis
In the yogic tradition, the whole aspect of what we call Shiva and Shakti is about the duality of life.

Dhyanalinga: Going Beyond Duality - The Isha Blog