Vodka Cruiser
02/21/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
"I've been missing your strawberry kisses..."
The lead up to Valentines Day got us like
Stay chill by adding cucumber to Vodka Cruiser Zesty Lemon-Lime!
Never miss a moment of goss by leaving your fave Vodka Cruisers in buckets of ice at the table. Boom!
TFW you accidentally like a photo of your crush from August 22nd 2013
Girls night in? Pour melted chocolate chips into an ice cube tray, add strawberries then freeze them! It's super easy and the squad will LOVE you for it
Happy International Cheese Lovers Day! P.S this is all of us btw
Zest up your Summer drink-game with Vodka Cruiser Bold Berry Blend and lemon!
Low key the truth.
"How's the New Year's resolution going so far?"
Me: "Yeah really good"
Summer = strong park vibes. Pack smart with our Vodka Cruiser cans! Find them in 10-packs of Pure Pineapple, Wild Raspberry and Lush Guava at Dan Murphy's
New Year's resolution: take less selfies
*Colin Firth voice*
It's my favourite time of the day, driving you❀
The perfect Christmas doesn't exi–
15 minutes into festival and chill then this happens
Oh. Em. Gee. Summer is finally here! Get all the goss on road trips, festival hacks and summer savers with SketchShe!
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