"What is a poor life and a rich heart in Mumbai "- Must read it !!

22 Million People living in a city having Asia’s largest slum. What’s special about Mumbai, Why people are so busy- even I used to think when I came here alone searching for a job. Life wasn’t easy without family and friends. I would see people going for their job every day in the local and tell myself, one day I will achieve...
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“We are hungry people, not many give us, some shout and some abuse ”- Untold story behind the two kids we met.

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Alok Sagar has been living for 32 years in remote tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh, and serving the people living there.

This IIT professor who once taught Raghuram Rajan is now working for tribals | Socialstory

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Comparison is the thief of joy!
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Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in India before partition and migrated to Pakistan. He used to work as a cloth sell on commission and beg so he could feed the poor. He started his welfare trust with just 50$ and now this trust is the largest welfare trust in Pakistan. He rescued more than 20,000 …

Recently One Of Earth’s GREATEST Heroes Died And No One Seems To Care!