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But any advance adult ticket to the VolksWorld Show and get a FREE plaque. offer ends Sunday
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Volksworld Show - OK so point of order, although all the show cars inside the show halls started out with the flat-four engine, some no longer have this humble unit as a power plant. We encourage and enjoy well-engineered cars that have the look and feel or spirit of a classic VW but may not have its original power plant. As always the 2017 show will be an eclectic mix of the very best vehicles.
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Air-cooled only! Yes this year as every other year, the inside show car places in all the halls, upstairs and down are reserved and will be filled with the very best air-cooled show cars and buses from around Europe. It’s the shows 25th Anniversary and VolksWorld’s 30th so make sure you book your tickets today.
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We're big advocates for using our classic Volkswagens all year round, but are the conditions where you are just a bit too extreme? Let's see your out and about wintery VW shots, naming the location...
Clarkson's never liked the Beetle, and when VolksWorld caught up with him back in 2001 he blurted: "Apart from the fact that the engine's in the wrong place and Hitler designed it, it's not a bad car." But at the time of our brief conversation all those years ago, he made another stunning revelation: "My mother had five of them when I was a kid, and my childhood memory was of her towing my...
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Fresh from the good old US of A, Inch Pincher rival Buzzin Bee will be on show at the 2017 VolksWorld Show.
Anybody done anything like this with a VW, would love to see it.
Getting some really nice cars in for the show, if you are building a car and would like to display it contact amy.nicholls@kelsey.co.uk Buy advance tickets at [ Volksworldshows.com Link ]

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Wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous new year. Let's make it a good one!
This 'Baltic Baja' could prove useful over the coming weeks – thanks to Andi Holmes for sending in the picture. We'd love to see how your VW's coping with the winter conditions, so post a pic...
Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas. Peace, love and Volkswagens from all the VolksWorld crew
Bon Week End a Tous!!!
PrΓͺt pour les vacances
Look what regular VolksWorld contributor Mark Walker has bought himself for Christmas... You can read more about it in our March issue which goes on sale 13 Jan. What VW-related presents are looking forward to unwrapping on the 25th?
Why not buy a couple of VolksWorld Show e tickets [ Volksworldshows.com Link ] for your loved one, or treat yourself.