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Funny when the answer to a question is staring at you right in the face! It's press week here in VolksWorld land and we're just finishing off the April issue – which goes on sale 10 March. Star writer and former editor Ivan McCutcheon had written an excellent article on VW production milestones. He'd mentioned the various assembly plants worldwide but was struggling to find the location for...
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One of our happiest 'Top 20' Show cars winners from last year. Wonder who will be in the frame this year?
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Don't miss the 30th VolksWorld Show. 25th - 26th March 2017, Sandown Park.
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Button and Coulthard in a 600hp rally cross Beetle!
Q: How high pitched is JB at the end of it?
Love is in the air! If you met your partner at a VW show, club meet or just while out driving in your air-cooled VW, we'd love to hear about it...
VolksWorld Show - Was clearing out my desk and found these pics from a past VolksWorld Show, if they are yours and would like them back get in contact.
Computer off, kettle on – time for some late Friday afternoon Bug love. What are you up to this weekend?
Last chance to get your FREE T-Shirt when you buy an advance ticket to the VolksWorld Show. Offer ends midnight tonight.
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With so many precious cars at the VolksWorld Show we have called in a bit of extra security, check him out on the VolksWorld stand. If you have a spare quid, enter our comp and you could be in with a chance of winning him. Turn up as a Storm Trooper, (first 50 clones of Jango Fett only) and we will let you in for free
Made a visit to my friend Gianni, founder and owner of the famous Radikal Bugz. And yes, he's just like me a big fanatic of the Star Wars stuff, he just like...


Made a visit to my friend Gianni, founder and owner of the famous Radikal Bugz. And yes, he's just like me a big fanatic of the Star Wars stuff, he just like...

This is a really cool way to carry a bike on a Bug but I am worried that my son's carbon bike might snap in two if I did this to it. I bought some roof bars with gutter mountings, but they don't give enough height to clear the roof. Have any Beetle owners out there found a good solution to carrying a bike on the roof recently? I had a really nice Prealpina rack at one point, but got rid of it...
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Out and about at the weekend? I took the family to a car museum in Brittany called Manoir de l'automobile, between Rennes and Redon. There's over 400 cars on site – including a few exhibits to interest the VW enthusiast, including this early Beetle, a '61 Ghia, 914 and rare Type 18 1949 Hebmüller. It's a bit of a hidden gem and definitely worth a visit if you're in this part of France!
Semi-auto VWs are ultra rare and something of an acquired taste. But what do you think? Have you owned one and loved it? Do you hanker after one? Or did you buy one and loathe it? Tell us your Stick Shift stories...
Buy any advance adult ticket to the VolksWorld Show and get a FREE plaque. offer ends Sunday
Volksworld Show - OK so point of order, although all the show cars inside the show halls started out with the flat-four engine, some no longer have this humble unit as a power plant. We encourage and enjoy well-engineered cars that have the look and feel or spirit of a classic VW but may not have its original power plant. As always the 2017 show will be an eclectic mix of the very best vehicles.