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When the weekend calls, you don't put it on hold. Get wherever you're going with standard AWD on the 2017 V60 Cross Country.

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Volvo Car USA
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Spring is coming. Make sure you're roadtrip-ready with the 2017 S60 Inscription. Best-in-class rear legroom will keep your passengers happy, and available AWD guarantees you'll make it through the rest of Winter.

But there's more: enjoy a special offer on all 60-series Volvos through the end of February. Visit for more details.
Volvo Car USA
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Start Spring right. Enjoy standard leather, available walnut trim, and best-in-class rear legroom on S60 Inscription.

Plus, get a special offer from us now through the end of the month. Visit for more details.
Last week in Åre, Sweden, we took the all-new V90 Cross Country for a test drive on a frozen lake. It's our Swedish version of "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." Check out a few photos from our winter experience, and click the link to learn more.

Volvo Car USA
The greatest memories are the ones that are shared.

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"There is no use planning for a future which when you get to it and it becomes a present, you won't be there
You'll be living in some other future which hasn't yet arrived.
And so in this way one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits of ones actions...

You can't live at all...
Unless you can live fully,

-Alan Watts

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my hot ride for the week • Volvo Cars #VolvoXC90 #VolvoPartner ????❄the interior is actually gorgeous
When your fashion week car becomes your safe haven from the snow. Thank you, Volvo Car USA ! ❄❄❄ #ad
Style, safety, and comfort for every occupant--no matter how small.

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Make yourself as cool as winter with a special offer on 2017 60-series Volvos all month long.

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The all-new Volvo S90. At home everywhere you are.

Create your own personalized S90 at
With an available 316hp and AWD, the Volvo S90 is ready to keep you moving forward no matter the conditions.

Discover the all-new S90 at
Design a car that is uniquely yours, and craft a European adventure to match.

It's all up to you with Volvo's award-winning Overseas Delivery program and the all-new V90 Cross Country.

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The adventure of a lifetime, and the ultimate souvenir.

Order your V90 Cross Country today and pick it up in Sweden, compliments of Volvo. Learn more about the all-new V90 Cross Country at and about our award-winning Overseas Delivery program at
"You can take the Tesla Model S, I'm ready to move on" -VentureBeat

Learn more about the semi-autonomous capabilities of the Volvo S90 at

There’s a robot driving the 2017 Volvo S90, and it freaked me out
"Cars are driven by people"

In the rush to deliver new technology, many carmakers are forgetting the most important aspect: the people that will use them. Volvo's unique approach is to define the technology based on the role of the driver--not the other way around.

Volvo XC90s take to the road in the hands of real customers for the first time ever in the next step of the DriveMe...
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"While numerous car companies are testing their self-driving cars in controlled environments with engineers on board, Volvo is about to hand over the keys to 100 autonomous XC90s to normal people. These will be the first privately owned (or leased, technically), fully autonomous vehicles." -The Verge

Learn more about our DriveMe program at

The most important car companies of 2017
With the introduction of the all-new V90, the complete 90-series range shared the stage for the first time at the 2017 North American International Auto Show

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The all-new Volvo V90 has landed at the North American International Auto Show. Available only via custom order through Volvo Concierge or Overseas Delivery.

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The all-new Volvo V90 has finally arrived in America.

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