Volvo Ocean Race
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Watch the full, latest episode of CNN MainSail here to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Volvo Ocean Race CEO Mark Turner

Mainsail: Sailing's architect of success - CNN Video
Volvo Ocean Race
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✔ Back in the Volvo Ocean Race
Xabi in as skipper
Flying the Spanish flag

It's exciting times for Desafio Mapfre. Here's a sneak peek at their newly re-fitted boat!
Volvo Ocean Race
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Just 2⃣4⃣4⃣ days to go! With the final boat now in the re-fit process, the end of an epic challenge is in sight for The Boatyard – but not before one last push to stay on deadline!
Volvo Ocean Race
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8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea each year. Fish eat it ...and then we do ???? #TurnTheTide♻

From sea to plate: how plastic got into our fish
Volvo Ocean Race
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Welcome back to a gentleman of the sport.
Volvo Ocean Race
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Welcome back, Xabi Fernández – skipper of Desafio Mapfre for 2017-18!
Volvo Ocean Race
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BREAKING NEWS: 4-time Volvo Ocean Race veteran & 2-time Olympic medallist Xabi Fernández will skipper Desafio Mapfre in the 2017-18 edition! ➡
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The first all-new team base of the 2017-18 edition is complete! And the best bit? It looks EPIC! ➡

First base
The company behind this ingenious device is part of The Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard Technical Partnership Scheme! We're working closely with them to build a product specifically designed and tough enough for our Race!
"They weren't out and out racers like we have now, they were adventurers"

Ever wondered where the Volvo Ocean Race came from? It began in Portsmouth, England in 1⃣9⃣7⃣3⃣ – and this is how it happened.
Welcome back to the Volvo Ocean Race for a second consecutive edition, GAC Pindar
The Volvo Ocean Race will celebrate 4⃣5⃣ years of history with a Legends Race on the final leg of next edition, featuring a host of iconic Whitbread and Volvo Ocean Race boats including Maiden! ➡ [ Link ]
MAPFRE are back for a 2⃣nd consecutive edition in 2017-18! ➡ [ Link ]
15 weeks
6,000 man hours
✔ Boat 1 handover COMPLETE

Dongfeng Race Team - 东风队 is the 1⃣st boat out of re-fit and has been officially handed over to Charles Caudrelier and his team. With 6⃣ more boats to upgrade, that marks a big step for the Boatyard!
"This is a huge step for us"

Dongfeng Race Team - 东风队 skipper Charles Caudrelier finally gets his hands on their refitted boat – and he can't wait for the racing to start!

'The beginning of another adventure'
When someone new is added to the Whatsapp group... ????
✔ 45,000 nautical miles ⚓
✔ 12 iconic Host Cities
✔ 3 x more Southern Ocean racing

Introducing: the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 route! Bring it on!